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Why Is My Samsung TV Beeping? (How to Fix)

As a Samsung TV owner, I know how annoying it can be when your TV starts randomly beeping. I recently encountered this issue and it was so frustrating! After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved the issue, as well as other solutions I discovered.

The beeping from a Samsung TV can be just the normal sound feedback after clicking a remote button, or it can be due to a problem. Connecting Alexa, the SmartThings app, or the YouTube app to your TV, as well as using the Tap View feature seems to cause this issue. It can also be due to random electromagnetic interference.

The beeping from a Samsung TV can be a normal sound feedback or a problem.
Common causes of the beeping sound include Alexa, SmartThings, or the YouTube app.
You can turn off the sound feedback by pressing the Settings button on the remote and choosing Off from the menu.
Disconnect your TV from the app or device causing the problem.
Turn off your TV and turn it back on to see if the issue is resolved.
Try a software update, a soft reset, or a hard reset if the problem persists.

Why Is My Samsung TV Beeping, Chiming, or Making a Notification Sound?

This seems to be a recurring complaint among Samsung TV users, especially starting from the 2020 models. This can either be a normal feature you can turn off or a bigger problem with the device connectivity.

Normal Sound Feedback

Samsung TVs normally have sound feedback that lets you know when you’ve pressed a remote button or received a notification. And while this can be a useful feature, some people find these sounds irritating.

If you only hear the beep/chime when you press a button on the remote, it’s not an issue and the setting can be easily changed as we’ll discuss below.

Alexa, SmartThings, or the YouTube App

One of the most useful features of a smart TV is the ability to connect it to an external device to control it. However, sometimes, the constant pinging back and forth between the TV and the device (whether it’s a phone, tablet, or Alexa) can cause an annoying, recurring beeping sound.

Unfortunately for some users, this problem gets out of control. It can make the TV beep randomly every few minutes, or when the device is close to the TV, which defeats the feature’s purpose.

Electromagnetic Interference

Another problem causing the chiming sound can be electromagnetic interference with the TV’s circuitry. It can cause the TV to beep every time a radio, phone, or even loud thud happens around it, which can be incredibly annoying. 

So how to stop the beeping?

How to Fix Samsung TV Beeping/Chiming?

Depending on the problem you’re facing with your TV, there are a few methods to fix the beeping or dinging sound you hear.

Turn Off Sound Feedback

If the beeping you’re experiencing is the normal sound feedback, you can disable it by following these steps:

  • Press the Settings button on your remote
  • Select Sound
  • Choose Expert Settings
  • Scroll down to Sound Feedback
  • Choose Off from the menu

You can also choose to dial down the volume of the feedback by selecting the option Low from the same menu.

Disconnect the TV from the App Causing the Problem

If the chiming you hear has nothing to do with the sound feedback and happens at random, it could be caused by a device connected to the TV. 

Apps like Alexa, SmartThings, and even the YouTube app through the “Connect your TV” feature can have this effect. 

You can minimize the beeping or completely eliminate it by removing your TV from the list of devices recognized by the app. 

On Alexa:

  • Go to the Alexa app
  • Tap on More
  • Select Settings.
  • Choose TV & Video 
  • Select your TV or video service provider.
  • Choose the option to Disable Skill.

On SmartThings, the beeping could be due to the Tap View option that allows you to mirror your Galaxy phone screen to the TV. To disable it:

  • Open the SmartThings app on your phone
  • Choose the Menu icon, it looks like three horizontal lines
  • Tap the Settings cog
  • Toggle the switch next to Tap View, Tap Sound to the Off position

If you’re not sure how many devices are connected to your TV, it can be tough to narrow down which one is causing the problem. So, you should check for any connected devices from the external device manager to remove any connected devices and start fresh.

  • From the Settings menu, choose General
  • Select External Device Manager
  • Select Device Connection manager
  • Review all connected devices and deny access to everyone 
  • Turn off your TV then turn it back on and see if the problem was resolved.

Try a software update

There is a possibility that there is a software bug causing the beeping noise. You can turn on automatic software updates by going ”settings” then ”support” then “software update” and ensure ”Auto Update” is turned on. Alternatively, you can manually update over the internet by clicking ”Update now”.

Try doing a soft reset

Often, a soft reset is all that is needed to solve issues on a Samsung TV. A soft reset does not erase any data. To soft reset a Samsung TV, you simply need to turn the TV off, then remove the plug from the wall outlet and wait for 60 seconds, then put the plug back in and turn the TV on again.

Try a hard reset

A hard reset involves completely reseting the TV to its factory defaults and your data will be erased.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Turn on the TV and press the “Home” button on the remote
  2. Go to “settings”
  3. Then click “general”
  4. Then click “reset”
  5. You must then enter a 4 digit pin number which is 0 0 0 0 by default
  6. Then click ”Yes” to reset the TV
  7. The TV will then turn off once it has finished resetting
  8. You can now turn the TV back on and set it up again

Get the Malfunctioning TV Fixed by a Professional 

If you tried all of the fixes above and none of them worked, the problem will most likely be a hardware issue. 

Contact Samsung services and ask for a technician’s visit, or take the TV back to the store if you’re still within the warranty period. You can also ask for a professional repairer to take a look at the TV and figure out what causes the problem.


Why is my Samsung TV beeping? 

Well, there could be all sorts of reasons, the simplest of which is just the normal sound feedback of the TV. There could also be an app or external device that keeps sending notification sounds to your Samsung TV. 

Last but not least, a faulty device will start beeping for reasons like electromagnetic interference, so it’s best to troubleshoot the problems one by one.

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