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Why Won’t My Samsung TV Let Me Enter the WiFi Password?

Samsung is known for the quality of its televisions. For decades, Samsung has been putting out television products that bring new technology to the market in a mass way.

You can enjoy a picture on a Samsung TV that you cannot enjoy anywhere else. The technology of the television is such that you can connect it to WiFi so you can sync it up with your favorite streaming services as well.  

What do you do, though, when you run into issues with entering the wifi password? How do you go about correcting things when the Samsung TV will not allow you to type the password in to make the connection?

Let us investigate this further to help you get to the root cause. 

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Let Me Enter the WiFi Password?

There are three likely problems as to why your Samsung TV will not allow you to enter your WiFi password. The first problem could have to do with the batteries within your Samsung TV remote.

The second could be in relation to the television itself, while the third could be the software within the television.

When you take all of these things into account, it is likely the source of the problem is one of these areas.  

Power Reset the TV or Factory Reset

You may be in a position where you need to do a reset of the television to be able to enter the WiFi password. First, try to unplug the television from the wall.

Give the Samsung TV a whole ten minutes before you plug it back in and start the boot process once again.

If this does not work, go into settings and do a full factory reset of the television. When you do this, you will reset the software and enable you to once again connect to the television.

Batteries in the Remote

You may also be struggling to enter the WiFi password on the television due to the batteries within the remote.

If the batteries are dead the remote will not allow you to navigate the keyboard on the screen. This will mean that you cannot enter the password successfully.  

How to Enter the WiFi Password on Samsung TV?

So how do you go about entering your WiFi password on your Samsung TV? When you need to enter a WiFi password, you need to start by putting the power on the television.

Once you have the power on with the television, you can use your remote control to get to the menu. There is likely a home or a menu button on the remote that will pull up the main menu of the television.

Once you have the main menu up, you can go into the settings of the Samsung TV. Within the settings, you will see a network section where you can make a selection for a WiFi network.

When you scan for the WiFi networks, you will see a variety of options. You want to choose the WiFi network that matches the name of the network you want to connect to.  

When you make the choice of the WiFi network it will then prompt you to enter the password. Use the remote control to navigate around the screen on the keyboard to make the appropriate selections.

As you are making the selections, you can complete the password and successfully connect.  

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Recognize Wifi Password?

What are some of the reasons why your Samsung TV will not recognize your WiFi password? There are two main reasons why.

The first is that you are not on the right WiFi network, while the second is in relation to the password itself.

Choose the Correct WiFi Network

The first step is you need to choose the correct WiFi network. You may have the right password, but if it is the wrong WiFi network you are connecting to you will run into issues.

Make sure you have the right name of the WiFi network before you get to the password screen.

Password Sensitivity  

Password sensitivity is a real thing. passwords for a WiFi network will be case sensitive and they can be quite long with a variety of character types.

You want to be sure you have the correct password when entering.

You may think you know the password, but perhaps there was a change to it recently you forgot about. Take these things into account to connect to the Samsung TV.