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YouTube TV Black Screen

Hello everyone, I’m a YouTube TV owner and I recently encountered a really frustrating issue when trying to watch TV on my device. I was getting a completely black screen and nothing I did seemed to fix it. After doing some research and trying out different solutions, I finally got it working again and I wanted to share my experience as well as other tips and tricks I discovered during my search. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the YouTube TV black screen problem and how I solved it.

A few reasons you may randomly encounter a black screen while watching YouTube include problems with your TV or web browser. Ad blockers, software programs on your browser (extensions), and network connectivity issues are also common causes of a black screen on YouTube. 

IssuePossible Solution
Reload the PageRefresh the webpage or close the app and try playing video again
Clear Browser CacheClear your browser’s cache or YouTube’s cache
Update Your BrowserUpdate your web browser or try using a different browser
Play on Android DeviceTry playing the video on a mobile device or iPhone
Use Different BrowserUse a browser made for playing videos online, e.g., Firefox Nightly
Change Video ResolutionPlay the video at a different resolution
Download the VideoUse a program like VLC Media Player or MX Player to download and watch offline
Play Another VideoTry playing another video on YouTube
Disable Ad BlockerTemporarily disable any ad-blocking software
Check Browser ExtensionsLook for extensions like “YouTube Center” and disable them
Check Internet ConnectionEnsure a stable and strong Wi-Fi or mobile hotspot connection
Update the YouTube AppCheck for YouTube app updates, uninstall and reinstall if needed
Play Video on Other SiteTry playing a video on another website like Vimeo
Restart Your DeviceRestart your device to reset firmware
Log Out and Log InLog out of your YouTube account and then log back in

Why Is My YouTube Screen Black?

If you see a black screen on YouTube, it can indicate that the video could not load for some reason. The issue can be on your side, with YouTube, or with your internet service provider (ISP).

If the issue is on your, you can resolve it by updating your web browser, turning off your ad blocker, and restarting your computer and network devices. You can do nothing if the issue is brought on by your internet service provider or YouTube. More reasons for a black screen on YouTube are: 

  • Low video resolution
  • Bad or corrupted cache files
  • Malware 
  • The YouTube app is outdated 
  • Glitches caused by streaming content for hours

How To Fix A YouTube TV Black Screen

Here are 15 ways you can resolve your YouTube black screen on your TV:

1. Reload The Page

Sometimes video-playback issues can be solved by simply refreshing the webpage or closing out of the app or website and trying to play the video again.

2. Try Clearing Your Cache 

Try clearing your browser’s cache (or “temporary data” storage), so YouTube starts fresh with a new code. Go to Menu> Tools > Clear Cache to clear your cache in Google Chrome. To delete your cache in Firefox, go to Menu> Help > Clear Recent History. If you want to clear YouTube’s cache, go to Settings > YouTube > Storage > Clear Cache. Sometimes too many cache files can get corrupted and cause the app to crash.

3. Update Your Browser Or Try A Different One

If clearing your cache does not work and the problem persists, it could be because of an outdated browser or compatibility issues with the site’s code. Try updating to the latest version of Chrome or Firefox (or another browser) or using a different web browser altogether.

4. Play The Video On An Android Device

If YouTube videos do not want to play in Chrome, try playing the video on a mobile device such as an Android phone or tablet (or iPhone). This may be easier because these devices have fewer playback issues compared to computers.

5. Try Another Browser For Watching Videos 

Try downloading one of these browsers that are specially made for playing videos online: – Firefox Nightly (for Windows) – YouTube Premium Video Player (for Mac and PC). 

6. Try Playing The Video In A Different Resolution 

If you are having trouble playing a video, try playing it at a lower or higher resolution (e.g., 240p to 480p). Lower resolutions tend to load faster than high-resolution videos, which may solve your problem.

7. Download The Video 

If the video does not want to play at all, try downloading it using a program such as VLC Media Player (for Mac and PC) or MX Player (for Android). This allows you to watch the video offline without any browser-related issues.

8. Clear Your And Cache Again

If nothing else has worked so far, try clearing your cache one last time and trying again. Sometimes the device’s or app’s cache did not delete entirely.

9. Try Playing Another Video

If none of these steps helped you, try playing another video on YouTube to see if this solves your problem. Otherwise, check out the official YouTube help page for further assistance.

10. Ad Blocker Software May Be Causing The Problem

If you are using any ad blocker software on your computer, try disabling it to see if that fixes the issue. You can enable it after a while and check if it is interfering with your YouTube videos and causing the black screen. 

11. Check For A Browser Extension Called “Youtube Center.” 

This browser extension allows users to download videos from YouTube and other websites without an account or plug-in. It also allows users to play videos in resolutions higher than 480p (e.g., 720p). 

12. Check The Internet Network Connection 

Ensure your Wi-Fi/internet connection is strong and stable. The same goes when using mobile hotspot. If it is slow, use 5GHz if you use mobile hotspot, or take the punch and upgrade to a better premium plan for your Wi-Fi. 

13. Check For A New Youtube Update. 

It could be that YouTube is outdated. Go to your device’s app store to check if an update is available for YouTube or uninstall and reinstall YouTube. This will also automatically update the YouTube app if there is one. 

14. Try Playing A Video On Another Website

If YouTube is still troubling you and you cannot find any solutions online, try playing a video on another website, such as Vimeo or DailyMotion, to see if this solves your problem.

15. Glitches Caused By Streaming Content For Hours

Streaming content for hours on YouTube may cause glitches, resulting in a black screen on YouTube. To resolve it, you can restart your device, so the firmware can reset and prevent your screen from getting glitches that cause a black screen. 

Another way you can solve glitches on YouTube is by logging out and then in again to your YouTube account. Follow these steps to do this:

1. Open the YouTube app on your device

2. Navigate and select your ‘Profile’ icon from the Menu in the top-left corner

3. Select the ‘Accounts’ option. On the Accounts page, click on your YouTube account

4. Select the ‘Sign Out’ option to log out of your YouTube account

5. Open the YouTube app again on your device

6. Choose the ‘Sign In’ option and enter your username and password to log into your account again


Hopefully, one of these methods will fix the issue. All apps require some troubleshooting every now and again since you can run into many problems with them. A YouTube black screen can happen when you are streaming for too long as well, which is usually the case with me. If you still cannot find any solution, I suggest contacting the YouTube help center.