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Amazon Fire Stick Remote Low Battery (Causes And How to Fix)

As an Amazon Fire Stick owner, it can be incredibly frustrating when your remote’s battery life starts to run out. After all, you can’t even access any of your streaming services if your remote isn’t working correctly! I recently ran into this issue and did a bit of research to find a solution. So, I wanted to share what I learned and the tips and tricks I discovered to help solve Amazon Fire Stick remote low battery issues.

Amazon Fire Stick’s batteries drain fast because this device uses Bluetooth and has to be connected to the Wi-Fi all the time. So, the batteries last only a fraction of the time they last in an ordinary TV remote. 

Moreover, if you use the remote device to control Alexa, it will last a lot less. On average, the batteries should last for about five months, although they can last for a year on an ordinary remote control. Unfortunately, after some time, the batteries can last for only one month or even less. 

Amazon Fire Stick remote batteries typically drain quickly due to the device’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection.
The battery life of the Amazon Fire Stick remote can be affected by accidentally pressing the power button, using Alexa, or using low-quality batteries.
To fix the problem of the Amazon Fire Stick remote showing a low battery notification, you can try resetting the remote, using rechargeable batteries, or contacting Amazon for a replacement.

Why is My Amazon Fire Stick Remote Always Showing Low Battery?

Amazon Fire Stick is a miraculous little HDMI device that can totally transform your entertainment experience.

You can use it to explore various streaming services like Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Video, online games, and so much more. But unfortunately, having to replace the battery too often can be highly annoying. 

This remote device usually uses disposable batteries and not rechargeable ones. Oddly enough, the first generations of the remotes didn’t suffer from this issue.

However, users found that with the newer releases, a new set of batteries would run out in three to four weeks. 

Although Amazon hasn’t released an official statement to explain why this happens, there could be several reasons why the Amazon Fire Stick remote shows a low battery notification too soon. 

  • This remote is highly capable, so you actually use it for a lot of actions around the house, from controlling your streaming services to controlling Alexa. So, naturally, the batteries will drain fast. 
  • The remote constantly sends information to Alexa when it’s connected to it. This happens even if you’re not using Alexa. 
  • You might accidentally put the remote under cushions, books, or magazines. These objects press the power button, keeping the remote on even when you’re not using it. 
  • It relies on using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, so it requires more power. 
  • The batteries you’re using might be leaking into the remote. The deposits will make the new set of batteries drain faster. 
  • There could be a problem with the manufacturing of the remote itself, and this is why the first generation didn’t suffer from this problem that often. 
  • There might be a bug with the software that drains the batteries too fast. 

How to Fix the Problem of the Amazon Fire Stick Remote Showing a Low Battery Notification

Replacing the battery every three to four weeks can be a little inconvenient, so you can try a few solutions to deal with this issue. 

  • Contact Amazon and send a complaint. Many people have tried this method, and Amazon usually responds by replacing their current remote with a new one within a week. 

However, this solution might not be the most practical one for two reasons.

The first one is that you’ll be left without your remote for a whole week until Amazon sends you a replacement. 

The second one is that you’ll probably receive a remote with the same issue. It will work fine for a few months, and then it will start draining the battery too soon. 

  • Make sure that you’re buying good alkaline batteries. There are several brands on the market, so do your research to find long-lasting ones. They won’t last for a year, but they can give you a few months before they need to be replaced. 
  • Consider buying rechargeable alkaline batteries for your remote. You won’t be solving the remote’s issue, but you’ll be worrying less about replacing your disposable batteries. 

However, there’s still an issue with this solution as you’ll have to replace your rechargeable batteries more often. 

  • Try to reset the remote as this might help the problem. You can do this following these steps.
  1. Unplug the Fire Stick from your TV and wait for one minute. 
  2. Press the Left + Options + Back buttons for 15 seconds. 
  3. Release the buttons.
  4. Wait until the remote resets. 
  5. Wait again until the remote reconnects. 
  6. Plug in your Fire Stick and wait for one minute. 
  7. Put a new set of batteries into the remote.
  8. Press the home button until the LED indicator blinks blue, indicating that the remote has been reset and paired with your Fire Stick. 
  9. After reconnecting, the remote’s batteries might last a little longer. 


It’s quite common for the Amazon Fire Stick remote to show a low battery notification. This happens because of how the device is manufactured and its technology.

While there’s no sure way to deal with the issue, you can try resetting the remote, using rechargeable batteries, or even contacting Amazon to have your device replaced. 

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