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Can I Connect Sonos Roam to Samsung TV?

As the owner of a Sonos Roam you should realize you are a lucky few. This is an audio device that packs a huge punch with amazing quality audio. The speaker is light in weight but high in quality output. You can bring it just about anywhere.

The device is waterproof, super durable, and will work with virtually anything. So with that being said, how would you go about using a Sonos Roam with a Samsung TV? Is it possible to make the connection between the two devices?  

Can I Connect Sonos Roam to Samsung TV?

The short and fast answer is that you can absolutely connect a Sonos Roam to a Samsung TV. The process you go about making the connection will vary depending on the television model and your personal preference.

No matter what model of Samsung TV you have, though, you can certainly connect the two to have your Samsung TV output audio to the Sonos Roam.  

How to Connect Sonos Roam to Samsung TV?

The Sonos Roam follows the tagline of it so well as the intention of the audio speaker is to take the sound with you anywhere.

The Sonos Roam is a portable wireless speaker that stands tall in the Sonos family of products. If you have another Sonos product in your home, you can connect the speakers easily via a wifi connection.  

You have the ability to control the Sonos Roam from your smartphone, laptop, or even through the television.

You can also charge it with the rechargeable battery so it is not necessary to have it set with a plug at all times. On one charge you can get about 10 hours of playback. 

So the Sonos Roam sounds great, but what about the connection to the Samsung TV? You have a few different options when it comes to connecting the Sonos Roam to a Samsung TV. The first option is a connection via Bluetooth.

The second is with the assistance of the Sonos App. The third option is with the help of what is known as an APTX BT Transmitter. We will walk through each of these options so you understand how they all work.

Connecting Via Bluetooth

In the event the Samsung TV has the ability to connect to a device via Bluetooth, it can be very easy to make a connection with a Sonos Roam.

You need to first check the Samsung TV to see if it supports Bluetooth. You should go into the settings section of the television and see if there is a Bluetooth option. In the event, there is, you can begin the pairing process.

Be sure you have the Sonos Roam on as well as the Bluetooth option enables on the Samsung TV. You then need to pair the two devices and you will have an audio output signal coming from the Sonos Roam.

Using the Sonos App

The Sonos App makes it easy to connect the Sonos Roam to the Samsung TV. You first need to have your phone or computer on the same wife connection as the Sonos Roam speaker.

From there, you can then connect the existing Sonos speaker you have to your TV via a cable. Since the other Sonos speakers have the linkage with the wifi signal, you will get audio output from all of them.

Making Use of the APTX BT Transmitter

Say you want to use an APTX BT Transmitter to connect the Sonos Roam to a Samsung TV. How do you go about doing that? The APTX BT Transmitter is a connecting device that will basically make any Samsung TV work via Bluetooth.

The APTX BT Transmitter is a Bluetooth audio receiver. You may have a Samsung TV that does not support Bluetooth out of the box. With the help of this type of receiver, you have the ability to connect the Sonos Roam to it.  

You take the APTX BT Transmitter and plug it into the television. It would go into the headphone jack or other audio output on the television. Once the connection is made into the audio output, it will allow the Sonos Roam to connect to the Samsung TV via Bluetooth.  

Why Won’t My Sonos Connect to My Samsung TV?

The most likely reason the Sonos will not connect to the Samsung TV is due to the Bluetooth connection. The Sonos Roam may not be on or may not be in a mode where it is ready to pair with the television or the transmitter.

In addition, it could be that the Samsung TV does not support Bluetooth when you think it does. In this case, purchase a transmitter to make the connection possible.