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Firestick Remote Red Light (Causes and Fixes)

As an owner of a Firestick, I’ve been frustrated by the mysterious red light on the remote. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved this issue and the other solutions I discovered. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the causes and fixes for the Firestick remote red light.

The red light on your Fire TV Stick remote comes on when the remote is in “Discovery Mode.” This means that your Fire Stick remote is trying to connect to a new device. You can solve this issue by simply making sure the remote is connected to the Fire Stick device. 

Key TakeawaysDescription
Red Light on Firestick RemoteIndicates that the remote is in “Discovery Mode” and is trying to connect to a new device
Pair It AgainRe-pair the remote with your Fire TV if it’s disconnected and stuck in Discovery Mode
Check the BatteriesReplace old batteries and ensure proper placement, clean battery compartment if needed
Factory Reset the RemoteReset the remote to fix any bugs or issues that may cause the red light to stay on
Check for New Software UpdatesRegularly update the software to fix any bugs or improve performance
Get Close to the TV & Eliminate InterferenceMove closer to the TV and away from other electronics to minimize interference and improve connection

What Is the Fire Stick Remote Control Red Light and How to Fix It

If you notice a red light on your Fire Stick remote control, don’t panic! This just indicates that your remote is trying to pair with the device.

Unfortunately, it’s can be a real problem when the red light won’t go away. So, here are some ideas on how to fix it:

1. Try to Pair It Again

If your remote is disconnected and is stuck in “Discovery Mode,” the first thing you should do is pair it with your Fire TV again!

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Unplug your Fire Stick from the power outlet
  • Remove the batteries from the remote
  • Wait for about a minute
  • Put everything back into place (both the plug and batteries)
  • Press the “Home” button and hold it down for a few seconds
  • Release the button once you see a blue light flashing on your remote

If this doesn’t work, move on to the next step.

2. Check the Batteries

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If you leave your Fire Stick remote around for too long without changing its battery, then there’s a big chance that it won’t work properly anymore.

To function properly, the Fire Stick remote needs to have enough power in its battery compartment. That way, it will be able to send signals back and forth between itself and your TV without any problems.

So, if you want the remote to work again, remove the old batteries and replace them with new ones. 

Additionally, make sure you put the new batteries in correctly and that the battery compartment is free from any dirt or grime. You can use cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol to remove any corrosion or dirt from the battery compartment.

3. Factory Reset the Remote 

A factory reset can be a lifesaver for your Fire Stick TV remote.

It’s like a fresh start, and it will get rid of any weird bugs that have been hanging around in your remote. It’s also a great way to reset all of your settings back to the way they were when you first got your remote. 

If you’ve been having trouble with buttons not working (or a red light that won’t go away!), here’s how to reset your remote:

  • Hold down the “Back,” “Menu,” and “Left Navigation” buttons for about 10 seconds
  • Hold the remote for a minute until it resets
  • Remove the batteries from the remote
  • Unplug your Fire TV
  • Wait for another minute
  • Plug your Fire TV back in and turn on your TV.
  • Wait for the menu to load, and then put the batteries back into the remote
  • Lastly, press the “Home” button for at least 40 seconds to reconnect the remote

4. Check for New Software Updates

Software updates are a great way to keep your device running smoothly, so you should check for new ones regularly. 

They’ll help you keep pace with the latest improvements, security patches, and bug fixes (like slow performance and other critical issues with your device). 

So, follow the steps below to get these updates:

  • Open the “Home” screen on your Fire TV
  • Head to “Settings”
  • Pick “My Fire TV”
  • Choose “About”
  • If there are updates ready to install, choose “Install Update”
  • If there are no updates, go to “Check for Update” and install any that are available

If you keep up with the latest updates, the Fire Stick should work fine. And the update only takes 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your internet connection speed.

5. Get Close to the TV and Eliminate Any Interference

If you’re having trouble with your remote, try moving the remote closer to the TV. The remote’s range is only about 10 to 20 feet, so if you’re farther away than that, you may need to move closer. 

Plus, try moving it further away from other electronics in your home. Often, these devices emit electromagnetic waves that interfere with wireless signals. So, if you can isolate the remote from them, it should do the trick!

Quick Recap

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And that’s it! We hope this guide helped you figure out what was causing your Firestick remote light to blink red and helped you fix it.

The Firestick remote red light is only there to alert you that the remote is looking for devices to connect to it. The first logical step is to try to pair it again with the TV. 

If that doesn’t work, however, you may need to update the Fire TV stick or perform a factory reset.