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Horizontal Lines On TV (Causes And Fixes)

When I first noticed the thin horizontal lines running across my TV screen, I was understandably frustrated. After some trial and error, and plenty of research, I found out that these lines on the TV are quite common and can often be fixed by following a few simple steps. In this blog post, I’m going to be sharing my experience in solving the problem as well as some other solutions I found during my research. So, if you’re dealing with the same issue, read on for some helpful advice on the causes and fixes for horizontal lines on TV.

Failure of the drivers on the TV panel is the main cause of horizontal lines. Examine the ribbon cables connecting the LCD panel to the driver board. Another cause is a defective LCD panel. Replace the t-con board. Dust that accumulates can obstruct the picture. Simply clean your TV. Update Your TV.

Failure of the driver on the TV panelExamine the ribbon cables connecting the LCD panel to the driver board.
Defective LCD panelReplace the t-con board.
Dust accumulationClean the TV.
TV has not been updated recentlyUpdate the TV firmware or perform a soft/hard reset.

Causes Of Horizontal Lines On A TV And How To Fix Them?

Any kind of line on a TV screen is alarming. However, there are causes you should be aware of and solutions that will have you watching your favorite show in no time.

There Is A Failure Of The Driver

Failure of the gate drivers on the TV panel is almost always the main cause of horizontal lines. One horizontal line on a TV screen represents perhaps a defective row driver or a damaged row electrode. If the panel itself is made to employ a double-ended row drive, it may only stretch halfway across. 

A dead driver chip is most likely to blame for a huge cluster of horizontal lines that are consistently on or off. For example, in this case, you will notice a rectangular area over the width of the TV screen. This is typically a ribbon cable that connects the main video board to the LCD that, for whatever reason, has dislodged some of its contact points.

How To Remedy This

As they are a component of the panel, replacing them is difficult because they typically require special equipment. You may always examine the tiny ribbon wires connecting the LCD panel to the driver board, which is a component of the panel. 

The panel is joined to the flat ribbon cables. Push down on a ribbon cable associated with the line’s location. If that line is altered or vanishes, the bond has failed. The real gate driver for that location has failed if the line remains unchanged. This is a panel problem rather than a board failure.

The LCD Is Defective

If all channels have identical lines, the LCD is probably defective. This is because the t-con board happens to be the one that controls the LCD panel. It’s likely to result in horizontal lines on your TV screen if this becomes defective. 

This is because it is responsible for converting the video signal received by the TV into a form that the display panel can understand and display. This is also the case if the horizontal lines are permanently there and aren’t flickering up and down your TV screen.

How To Remedy This

What you’ll want to do is try your luck replacing the t-con board. To do this, place your TV flat on its front, so you can access the back. Remove the back cover of your TV. Once that is done, use a screwdriver to remove the heat shield from the t- con board. 

Ensure that you unplug the power cord before you start working on the TV. Lift the latches situating the t-con board and then remove the ribbon connections. Ensure that you do this carefully. Squeeze the sides and gently wiggle to pull the connection off. Remove the t-con board from the chassis. 

Look at the part number written on the t-con board, as that is the part number you will use when ordering a new one. Once you have the new board, place it where the previous board was. Ensure that you press down on the thermo latches and reattach the connection by wiggling it back in.

Ensure it is properly aligned, so you don’t start getting vertical lines. Make sure all the connections are secure and flush.

Accumulation Of Dust Particles Obstructing The Picture

Suppose the issue you have when you turn your TV on is that after a few minutes, the horizontal lines on your screen jump around before disappearing. Then they reappear again after a few minutes. 

In that case, if you have checked the cables and the ribbons are firmly in place, then this can be caused by dust that has accumulated and is now obstructing the picture. No one likes dust, so it only makes sense that your TV is also not a fan of it.

How To Remedy This

Simply disconnect your TV, flip it over and clean the dust. This can be done using a dry cloth to gently wipe the dust away, or compressed air can be sprayed onto the dust particles causing the problem. Some may say you should give your TV a few hard smacks in the back as a possible solution to dislodge the dust. 

Simply give the TV a couple light taps on the back to see if that resolves the problem. If it works or you see the lines disappear while you’re doing it but reappear as soon as you stop, it might be a loose connection.

The TV Has Not Been Updated Recently

Your smart TV occasionally needs updating to the newest and latest versions, just like any other electrical device. Horizontal lines are frequently one of the display issues brought on by inadequate graphics drivers.

How To Remedy This

You’ll want to unplug the TV’s power cord and then plug it back in. This is a simple solution that could very well get rid of the horizontal lines. However, ensure you wait a full 60 seconds after unplugging the cord. Don’t cheat, as this will get you nowhere.

Try a soft reset

A soft reset, is where you turn off the TV and unplug it from the wall outlet. You then usually have to wait for 60 seconds then you can put the plug back in and turn the TV on again. Performing a soft reset clears a device’s internal memory of running programs, which often clears up any technical glitches.

Try a hard reset

A hard reset involves completely resetting the TV to its factory defaults. Most TV models have specific instructions. However, if you have a Samsung TV here are the steps to follow:

To perform a factory reset:

  1. Head to Settings > General.
  2. Select Reset.
  3. Enter your PIN > then select Reset.

Note: If you didn’t change your PIN initially the code is 0000


Horizontal lines on your TV don’t have to end your TV life. Now that you know the possible causes, you can try any of them and see which one works for you.,Con%20board%2C%20or%20row%20drivers.