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How to Watch HBO Now/Go/Max on Samsung TV

When you searched your TV’s app store, you noticed that something was missing. You can see Netflix, Prime Video, and HULU. However, HBO, one of your favorite streaming apps, is unavailable to download and install. Bummer!

You’ll probably wonder why you can’t see HBO, leading you to consult Mr. Google and ask: how to watch HBO Now/Go/Max on Samsung TV?

Streaming HBO on your Samsung TV shouldn’t be difficult if you know how to go about it. The TV model and its wireless connection capability play a huge role in your streaming experience.

This article explains where to find the HBO app, how to install it, and guides you to start streaming on your Samsung Smart TV. So, sit back and read on!

How to Watch HBO Now/Go/Max on Samsung TV?

Looking to binge-watch new TV series, movies, documentaries, and HBO specials? Here’s how you can do so:

Know Your Samsung TV Model

HBO, especially HBO Max, is a relatively new streaming app that doesn’t work on all Samsung TVs. So if your Samsung TV is only a few years old, you don’t need to be anxious about this. However, things get a little tricky if your TV was manufactured before 2018.

Fortunately, Samsung has a short rundown of all of its TVs that are HBO compatible.

To ensure smooth streaming, it’s best to double-check this list to know whether your TV is compatible or not.

Connect to WI-FI, Sign In, and Search the Menu for Apps

First things first, connect your Samsung TV to a Wi-Fi network; otherwise, you may not be able to get past this step. To do that, go to Settings > look for Connections or Network.

Now that your TV is connected to the internet, look for the Smart Hub button on your remote. 

If you are a first-time Samsung TV user, you would have to create a Samsung account, or you can just go ahead and sign in if you already have one.

When you’re ready, go to the Apps section, which is usually on the lower left side of your screen. Although in some versions, it can be seen at the top.

Select and Download HBO App

Often, you can see the Recommended or Editor’s Choice lists in your Apps section, but you can rarely see HBO there.

As such, you need to search for it manually. To do so, locate the magnifying glass icon on your screen and tap on it. 

Now, many similar streaming apps will appear on the search results. Look for the HBO Now/Go/Max on the search results and select it.

Note: the search function isn’t available on all Samsung TV models. If this is the case, go to Categories instead and look for streaming apps.

Launch and Sign in to HBO App

Once you have selected the HBO App, click to Install

You will be asked to log in after launching the HBO App. 

If you don’t yet have an HBO account, it’s best to set one up on a computer or phone, as doing so on your TV can sometimes be challenging.

Follow the sign-up instructions, select the desired plan (an ad-supported plan and an ad-free plan) and proceed to payment. 

Once you’re done with the whole sign-up process, head back to your Samsung TV, log into the HBO app, and enjoy watching!

How to Update the HBO App

Updating your HBO app isn’t too tricky. You can update it straight from your TV without needing access to any other device.

Head to Smart Hub > navigate to Apps > select Settings > then go to the Updates tab. 

Locate the HBO app and select Update. You may opt to toggle the auto-update on/off feature as well.

Other Ways to Watch HBO Now/Go/Max on Samsung TV

The Samsung Smart TV, like any other smart TV, supports a live cast feature.

This feature is available on most, if not all, Samsung Smart TV models. Using it, you can cast media files (including videos and photos) from your smartphone to your smart TV.

Interestingly, you can also use several 3rd-party streaming devices, such as Apple TV, Firestick, Roku, and Chromecast, aside from the live cast feature.


Now you know how to watch HBO Now/Go/Max on Samsung TV. You’ve also learned other ways to stream. If your TV isn’t capable of installing the HBO app, you can use the live cast feature or use 3rd-party streaming devices like Roku, Chromecast, and Firestick. 

We believe you have everything you need to start watching, so don’t put it off any longer. 

Go get the HBO app on your Samsung TV, grab some chips, put on your lazy Sunday outfit, and sit back and enjoy the show on the big screen!