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Is A 65-Inch TV Too Big?

As an owner of a 65-inch TV, I can attest to the fact that this size of television is not for everyone. When I first decided to buy a 65-inch TV, I was excited to get it home and see the difference it would make in my viewing experience. But after a few weeks, I began to feel a little frustrated. I wanted to know if I had made the right decision and if I should have gone bigger or smaller. That’s why I decided to do some research into the pros and cons of 65-inch TVs and to share my findings as well as tips and tricks for how to make the most of this size of television.

Compared to the average 49-inch TV size in the US, 65-inch TVs are above-average in size. This size is ideal for an immersive viewing experience at an affordable price. Despite 75-inch TVs costing nearly twice as much, 65-inch models have great resolutions and features comparable to larger TVs.

Viewing DistanceConsider the size of the room where the TV will be placed and the recommended viewing distance based on the TV’s resolution. Full HD (1080p) 65-inch TVs require 8-13.5 feet; 4K Ultra HD 65-inch TVs require 5.4-8.1 feet.
PlacementDecide whether to use a TV stand or mount the TV on a surface. Mounting a 65-inch TV can save floor space and compensate for smaller viewing distances, while using a TV stand may be more suitable for eye-level viewing.
ResolutionChoose from 1080p, 4K, or 8K resolutions, keeping in mind that higher resolutions allow for reduced viewing distances.
FeaturesMost 65-inch TVs are smart TVs with advanced features like gaming and app installation.
Price65-inch TVs offer a balance of size, features, and affordability, costing roughly half the price of a 75-inch TV.
Pros– Immersive viewing experience
– Affordable
– High resolutions and features
– Compatible with modern entertainment needs
– Great value for money
Cons– May be too large for small rooms
– Difficult to place
– Can be expensive compared to smaller models
ConclusionA 65-inch TV is a great choice for those who want an immersive viewing experience with modern features at an affordable price. Although it may be challenging to place in smaller rooms, it provides excellent value for money and is compatible with current entertainment needs.

Is 65-Inches Too Big For A TV? 

Nearly three decades ago, the average TV size in America was only 22-inches. In comparison, a 65-inch TV is nearly three times bigger than a 22-inch model – but is that too big? To properly answer this, we need to discuss what the average size of a TV in the United States is currently. 

As of 2020, the average TV size in America is 49-inches. Given that a 65-inch television is 16-inches larger than a 49-inch TV, it’s safe to say that a 65-inch television is considered above-average in size.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s too big! Given the trajectory of the average TV size in the US, it’s clear that 65-inches is destined to become the new normal within the next decade. 

So, why not think ahead and purchase a TV size that’s designed to keep up with modern entertainment needs?

As we’ll discuss in more detail below, 65-inch TVs are available in various resolutions, including 1080p HD, 2K, 4K, and even 8K resolutions. These models are also equipped with many stellar features comparable to larger competitors.  

Despite this, 65-inch TVs cost roughly half of what 75-inch TVs currently cost. With many options from both leading brands, like Sony and LG, and smaller brands, like TLC, buyers can easily find a 65-inch model that fits into any budget.

If you’re trying to decide whether a 65-inch is too big for your needs, we’ll outline your deciding factors in the following section! 

Deciding If 65-Inches Is The Right TV Size For You 

There are a couple of considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether a 65-inch TV is an appropriate size for your entertainment needs.

These factors are viewing distance, placement, resolution, features, and price. By carefully considering these aspects, you can ensure you won’t be disappointed with the television you purchase! 

Consider TV Viewing Distance 

Viewing distance is another important aspect to keep in mind because it’s closely linked to the size of the room where the TV will be placed. As mentioned in the first section, 65-inch TVs are available in varying resolutions. Ultimately, your chosen resolution will dictate your recommended viewing distance. 

With standard Full HD (1080p) 65-inch TVs, your viewing distance should be between 8 and 13.5 feet from the television. The recommended viewing distance for 4K Ultra HD 65-inch TVs is between 5.4 and 8.1 feet. With 8K models, this viewing distance could be reduced even further. 

Depending on your chosen resolution for your 65-inch TV, you should ensure the room where the television will be placed is large enough to accommodate the recommended viewing distance. For smaller rooms, 4K Ultra HD 65-inch models will be better suited due to reduced viewing distances. 

Consider TV Placement 

The next element to consider in your decision-making process is the TV’s placement; will you use a TV stand or mount it against a surface?

This is a vital consideration due to the size of 65-inch TVs. Standing a 65-inch TV can take up a lot of floor space, which is why most people prefer mounting options. A smaller TV size would be better suited to stand the TV on a surface. 

By mounting your 65-inch TV correctly, you can compensate for smaller viewing distances by mounting it slightly higher than normal. In turn, this creates a cinema-like experience. Higher mounting also works in bedrooms. However, if you prefer viewing your 65-inch TV at eye level, you can opt for a stand or mount it accordingly. 

Consider TV Resolution  

When shopping for a 65-inch TV, you’re bound to notice that an overwhelming majority of the options boast a 4K display!

However, you’ll also be able to find cheaper 1080p models and more expensive 8K models. As we discussed earlier, your viewing distance should dictate the size and quality of the TV you purchase. With higher resolutions, the viewing distance can be reduced. 

Consider TV Features   

When purchasing a 65-inch TV, you can expect your model to be equipped with many high-end features. After all, most of the models will be smart TVs, which can be used to play games and install thousands of different apps. You can’t go wrong with this TV size if you’re looking for advanced features! 

Consider TV Price 

Despite the high resolutions and advanced features of most 65-inch TVs, they won’t break the bank!

When you compare the price of a 65-inch model with the price of a 75-inch model, you’ll see that the 75-inch model costs nearly twice as much! 65-inches is the perfect size because it’s larger than the national average but cheaper than the next size up – all without sacrificing features! 

Pros of a 65-inch TV

  • Immersive viewing experience
  • Affordable
  • High resolutions and features
  • Compatible with modern entertainment needs
  • Great value for money

Cons of a 65-inch TV

  • May be too large for small rooms
  • Difficult to place
  • Can be expensive compared to smaller models


If you’re in the market for a new television, you can’t go wrong with a 65-inch TV. Ultimately, 65-inch models are available in many HD and Ultra HD resolutions, with advanced features comparable to those of larger and more expensive models. Despite being 16-inches larger than the current average TV size, these TVs are not too big! 

While these models can be slightly tricky to place in smaller rooms, 65-inch models are designed to keep up with modern viewing demands. With this TV size, you can get a great deal on a model that balances features with value. As the research shows, you won’t regret buying a larger TV! 

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