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Roku TV Blinking Red Light (Causes and How to Fix)

As a frustrated owner of a Roku TV, I know the pain of the dreaded blinking red light. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved the problem, as well as some other solutions I discovered. In this blog post, I’ll cover the common causes of a blinking red light on a Roku TV, and how to fix it.

Roku TV will flash a red light if it isn’t receiving sufficient power. The power source or power adapter could be the culprit. In either case, the easiest fix is usually to plug your Roku device’s power adapter into a wall socket rather than a power strip or a USB port. 

The Roku TV blinking red light is usually an indication of insufficient power.
The power source or power adapter could be the culprit.
Always connect the power adapter directly to a wall socket, not a power strip or USB port.
If your Roku device is USB-powered, try connecting the USB cable to the power adapter instead of the TV.
Replace the batteries in your Roku remote if the front light is blinking.
Re-pair the Roku remote and device if the light in the battery compartment is flashing.

Troubleshooting your Roku Device?

The Roku device helps with troubleshooting by using a small LED light on the front-facing part of the device that lights up or flashes different colors. Sometimes, there are even on-screen messages that explain the problem.

When there is a problem with the WiFi, remote, or TV, it flashes a white light. When it’s overheating, it flashes a solid red light. It also flashes a red light when there’s a power outage. So, how do you deal with Roku TV blinking red light?

Why is your Roku TV Blinking Red Light?

Power issues are the most common cause of a Roku TV blinking red light. If your Roku TV device isn’t getting enough power, it may appear to still be working fine.

However, you may suffer from crashes or other unpredictable problems. This could happen due to one of these issues:

Your Device Isn’t Connected to a Direct Power Source

The Roku device’s power adapter is connected to the power strip or surge protector rather than directly to the outlet. This adds a layer between the Roku TV device and the direct power supply, which prevents the device from receiving the full amount of power it requires to operate properly.

You’re Not Using the Original Power Adapter

You’re using a different power adapter from the one that came with the Roku TV device. A different power adapter wouldn’t necessarily work well with the device and may not provide it with sufficient power to work effectively.

The TV Isn’t Providing Your USB-Powered Device With Enough Power

Some Roku devices are USB-powered, which means they can be connected to your TV’s USB port rather than plugged into a socket. However, sometimes this doesn’t provide enough power, resulting in instability and a blinking red light.

How Do You Fix These Issues?

Now that we know why the Roku device is blinking red light, it’s time to see how to fix it. 

Use the Power Adapter That Came With the Roku Device 

This solution may seem obvious, but some people overlook it. Even Roku Tech Support recommends it. 

In case the original power adapter is lost or damaged, consider purchasing a replacement Roku power adapter. The power issues may persist if you’re experimenting with other adapters.  

Connect the Power Adapter to the Wall Socket Directly

Avoid connecting your power adapter through a power strip. Instead, always connect it to the outlet right away

If you’re using a power strip because the wall socket is too far away, don’t worry. Roku offers a variety of lengths of cable for the power adapter. You can easily find and purchase one that meets your needs. 

Change the USB Port Roku Player Is Plugged Into

If you’re using a USB-powered player, then consider changing the TV’s USB port that your device is connected to. Different USB ports have different characteristics, with some providing more power than others. 

Consider Changing the USB Cable 

Roku Tech Support recommends always using the USB cable that came with the device. However, some users have found that other USB cables provide better results and a more stable power supply. 

Connect the USB Cable to the Power Adapter

Instead of connecting the USB cable to your TV’s USB port, connect it to the power adapter that came with the device and plug that right into the outlet.

This won’t just fix the insufficient power issue. It’ll also prevent your Roku device from shutting down and restarting with your TV. So it’ll be a lot faster than when connected to the TV.

Contact Roku Tech Support

If the problem persists despite following all of the above steps, it may be time to contact Roku Tech Support

What if Your Roku Remote Is Showing a Blinking Light?

Your Roku remote should have two lights: one on the front of the remote and one on the back next to the battery compartment. 

If the front light is blinking, there’s a power issue. Replace the remote batteries, or recharge them if they’re rechargeable.

If the light in the battery compartment is flashing, there’s a pairing issue between the Roku remote and the player. You can fix that by re-pairing your remote and device. 

In Conclusion

The Roku TV blinking red light is just a warning sign. It’s a way for your device to let you know that it’s not getting enough power. This way you can avoid other issues, like sudden crashes or instability. 

No worries though. Now that you know the issue, you can easily fix it. Change the power source, switch the USB port, or connect your device’s power adapter straight to an outlet. Once you solve the issue, you can enjoy stress-free streaming!