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Why Does Alexa Turn Off by Itself? Causes and Quick Fixes

You ask Alexa to do a specific command, and it starts to do so. All of a sudden, in the middle of the task, it turns off for no reason. Short sad story, we know that. We also know that you wonder: Why does Alexa turn off by itself?

Many reasons could lead to that sudden cut-out, including internet connection issues, incorrect echo setup, and even interference by other devices. Luckily, most fixes to this problem take at most five minutes.  

Cause of Alexa Turning OffDescriptionFix
Nearby Interference SourceAnother device interferes with Alexa’s internet network signals.Place Alexa away from metal surfaces, walls, Bluetooth-connected devices, and other possible interference sources.
Out of Network CoverageWeak Wi-Fi signals due to Alexa being far from the router.Keep Alexa within the network coverage and close to the router.
Connected to the Wrong Wi-FiAlexa Echo and the app are connected to different Wi-Fi networks.Ensure both Alexa Echo and the app are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
Outdated SoftwareNew features not working smoothly on outdated Alexa software.Update your Alexa app and Echo software.
Music Turning Off: Inactive ModeAlexa automatically switches to inactive mode after an hour or more of running, even while playing music.Tell Alexa: “Leave on the music” to keep it playing until you ask it to stop.
Music Turning Off: Streaming IssuesIncorrect settings of music streaming service causing playback issues.Disable and enable the streaming service from the “Skills & Games” section in your Alexa mobile app.
Lights Turning Off: Guard & HunchesAlexa Guard and Hunches features with incorrect lighting settings causing automatic lights turn-off problem.Review and adjust the lighting options in the Guard and Hunches settings in your Alexa app.

Why Does Alexa Turn Off by Itself? Causes and Fixes

Alexa could turn off out of the blue for multiple reasons. Here are the main causes of the sudden switch-offs:

1. Nearby Interference Source

Alexa may turn off unexpectedly because another device nearby interferes with its internet network signals.

2. Alexa Is Out of Network Coverage

To keep it running, Alexa must be in your Wi-Fi network range. So, if you place it far away from the Wi-Fi source, its received signals might be weak. As a result, it turns off or doesn’t respond to you.

3. Connected to the Wrong Wi-Fi 

If both Alexa echo and the app aren’t connected to the same Wi-Fi network, this could lead to continuous shutdowns from the echo.

4. Outdated Software

If you use new features on an out-of-date Alexa software, the features might fail to work smoothly and turn off as a result.

How to Stop Alexa from Turning off by Itself?

There are some tips that will help in keeping Alexa turned on and prevent any sudden shutdowns. Here they are: 

1. Keep It within the Network Coverage

Keep the echo as close as possible to the router. This ensures it has continual internet access. Thus, this prevents sudden turn-offs caused by a weak network.

2. Place It Away from Interfering Sources

Keep Alexa away from metal and reflective surfaces and walls. In addition, try to place it as far as possible from other Bluetooth-connected devices, wireless networks, and other possible interference sources.

3. Disconnect Unnecessary Devices

The congestion of connected devices to your Wi-Fi network might cause Alexa’s internet connection to be unstable. This, therefore, increases the probability of unexpected turn-offs.

Go to your Wi-Fi dashboard and disconnect the devices you’re currently not using.

4. Update Your Alexa App and Echo

To avoid cut-outs due to software problems, ensure that your Alexa app and echo software are up-to-date.

5. Restart Your Router

If the cause of the problem is network instability, restarting your router can really come in handy to improve the network state.

6. Perform a Factory Reset

If your echo continues to switch off despite trying all the previous fixes, resetting it to the default settings may be the solution. You can easily do it through Alexa mobile app or from the echo itself.

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Why Does the Music Played by Alexa Switch Itself Off?

The above causes affect the entire echo from running. That said, there are two causes that contribute specifically to the sudden music cut-out problem. 

1. Turning To Inactive Mode after a While

Most Alexa versions of all generations have this aggravating problem. They automatically switch to inactive mode after an hour of running—sometimes they last for two to three hours. This happens even if it’s playing music.

As a result, the echo stops playing music after this period without your permission.

2. Wrong Music Streaming Service Settings

Due to incorrect settings of your music streaming service, the music doesn’t play smoothly. This leads to unexpected cut-outs.

How to Fix Music Switch-Offs

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The solutions to these issues are straightforward:

1. Tell Alexa: “Leave On”

The fix is as weird as the problem. To prevent Alexa from turning off the music after one hour. Tell it “leave on the music”! That way, Alexa will continue playing till you ask it to stop. A lot of users reported that this way is pretty effective.

2. Disable Then Enable the Streaming Service

To reset the settings of your music streaming service that has a cut-out issue, go to “Skills & Games” on your Alexa mobile app.

Then, go to the music service and disable it. Lastly, go back to the music service and enable it again.

Why Does Alexa Turn Off My Lights by Itself?

Alexa Guard and Hunches are two features that enable you to automatically set turn-off commands for multiple home devices, including lighting.

So, if these features have incorrect lighting settings, you will probably face a lighting turn-off problem.

How to Fix Automatic Lights Turn-off Problem

To fix this issue, you’ll need to review and modify the settings of Guard and Hunches.

Go to Alexa app settings where you’ll find the two features. Review them, and adjust their lighting options. 

The Takeaway

Why does Alexa turn off by itself? This could happen for a bunch of reasons, most related to the Wi-Fi network and the echo settings.

More importantly, by applying only a few steps, you can ensure both the network and the settings are set to keep Alexa running with no cut-outs. Easy peasy!