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Why is Alexa Spinning Blue and Green? (How to Fix)

Alexa’s color lights can signify lots of actions or defects. For instance, a yellow light usually means that you have a message or reminder. In your case, you’re probably wondering, “Why is Alexa spinning blue and green?”

Well, this color combination could mean various messages. Your Alexa device may be in pairing mode, there could be a loss in Wi-Fi connection, or more.

Connectivity IssuesCheck Wi-Fi connection and ensure stable connectivity
Listening, Processing, or Pairing ModeAllow Alexa to complete the command, start up, or finish pairing with a device
Accidental ActivationEnsure that the device isn’t activated by background noise or other interference
Power Outlet IssuesCheck the power outlet and try a different one if necessary
Non-original ChargerUse the original charger that came with the device
Firmware UpdateAllow the device to complete the update
Power Cycle AlexaTurn off and unplug the device, wait for 5 minutes, and then turn it back on
Isolate Alexa from Background NoiseMove the device to a quieter room
Use Original Power CablesEnsure that you are using Amazon-certified power cables
Pair Alexa DevicePair the device with your smartphone using the Alexa app
Double-Check Cable ConnectionInspect the cables for any flaws and ensure they are securely connected

Reasons Why Your Alexa Device is Spinning Blue and Green Light

Multiple reasons can indicate why Alexa is spinning blue and green. Some of which include:

  • Connectivity issues
  • Alexa is listening, processing your command, starting up, or is in pairing mode
  • The device may have been activated accidentally
  • Power outlet issues
  • You didn’t plug the original charger that came with the Alexa device
  • Alexa is processing a firmware update

Why Your Alexa Device is Spinning Blue Light

When an Alexa device has a spinning blue or cyan light, it usually means it’s processing your request. Additionally, it could also indicate an update.

Alternatively, if the device is spinning blue and teal, it means that Alexa is simply turning on.

Why Your Alexa Device is Spinning Green Light

The green light alone signifies that you’re on a call. To clarify, it begins as a pulsating light when the call is incoming and when you answer it, the light starts spinning.

How to Fix Your Alexa from Spinning Blue and Green

Luckily, you might be able to fix this spinning blue and green issue.

Power Cycle Your Alexa

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The number one solution to any tech issue is, you guessed it, to turn it on and off. Power cycling is the best solution since it allows your device to reinitialize its configuration parameters. Plus, it’s the first thing to do if your device is crashing or unresponsive.

In the blue and green light spinning case, a power cycle may help recover this Alexa glitch. To start, you’ll want to turn Alexa off and unplug it from any cable attached to it.

Next, wait approximately five minutes or so before completing the power cycle. Waiting will allow any lingering electrical charge to dissipate so the entire device is fully powered down.

After waiting, make sure to plug back all the cables you’ve previously unplugged and link the device to a power source. Then, you can turn Alexa on.

If it’s still spinning blue and green lights, then you may want to try a different solution.

Isolate Your Alexa from Background Noise

In some cases, spinning blue and green lights could indicate Alexa processing a command. Nevertheless, that command could be taking a while due to the loud background noise. It could be your family members speaking in another room, or even the TV being too loud.

For this reason, you’ll want to simply move the Alexa device to a different, preferably, quieter room. That way, it won’t be overwhelmed by the mixture of noises.

Make Sure You’re Using Original Power Cables

When linking your Alexa device to a power source, make sure you’re using an Amazon-certified power cable.

Otherwise, you may run into some electrical problems on the way that could be causing the blue and green spinning lights. Generally, you want to steer clear of cheap knock-off cables that could potentially ruin your device rather than charge it.

Pair Alexa Device

Since the spinning blue and green light issue could originate from Alexa going into pairing mode, you can try to pair it with your smartphone. To do so, first, turn your phone’s Bluetooth on and keep it near Alexa.

Afterward, install the Alexa application. In the app’s dashboard, go to the “Devices” section. Next, choose “Echo & Alexa.”

In the list shown after, pick your device and click on “Ok” to finalize the pairing process. Once you’ve paired, the spinning lights should stop.

Double-Check Cable Connection

If the cables plugged in your Alexa aren’t properly connected, this could pose connectivity and unresponsiveness issues.

After making sure all the cables are Amazon-certified, check the wires for any flaws. Additionally, double-check the connecting points are securely plugged in.


To Conclude

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Why is Alexa spinning blue and green? Simply put, your Alexa device may be processing a request, listening, or updating. In terms of defective issues, the spinning could mean the device is unresponsive due to several reasons.

For example, it could be stuck in pairing mode, or the cables are not connected properly. Either way, the best response to this issue is to turn your Alexa on and off. You could also try to pair the device with your smartphone.

That being said, if the spinning blue and green lights problem persists, you can always contact an Amazon professional to assist you.