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Why Won’t Funimation Cast To TV?

As an owner of a Funimation account, I have recently become increasingly frustrated with my inability to cast Funimation content to my TV. After a few days of researching and testing solutions, I’m here to share what I have found in order to help others with the same issue. In this blog post, I will be discussing why Funimation won’t cast to TV, as well as some potential solutions and workarounds.

The Funimation app may not cast to your TV because marathon mode is enabled; try to disable it in the Settings menu or enable it if it is already disabled. It won’t cast on a public network and works better when casting wirelessly. Update the Funimation app, restart devices, and don’t rush the app. 

Tips for Troubleshooting Funimation App Casting Issues:
– Disabling or enabling Marathon mode in the Funimation app’s Settings menu may help with casting problems.
– The Funimation app will not cast to your TV if you’re on a public network or using mobile data.
– Try unplugging your Chromecast device, restarting your mobile phone and Chromecast, and updating the Funimation app to resolve casting issues.
– Wait for the app to load and avoid rushing it.
– Ensure that you’re logged into your account and that your app is updated to the latest version.

Why Won’t Funimation Cast To My TV?

It’s hard to find someone who openly praises the Funimation TV app for its reliable service. It makes sense to opt toward Crunchyroll of HiDive instead of having Funimation work half the time, but most of us will stick to Funimation because they have a much more extensive selection of anime.

You may find the Funimation app works on your mobile phone for the most part, but it remains stubborn when you try to cast it to your TV. Sometimes it does work fine but suddenly stops and won’t cast to your Chromecast. 

You might also receive the common error message unable to play video at this time when you try to play an episode of something. Strangely, you will likely be able to cast effortlessly with other services, but the Funimation app will still give you issues.  

Let’s work through the frustration, so here are some reasons why Funimation won’t cast to your TV and some troubleshooting.

Marathon Mode In The Funimation App Causes Problems

The Funimation app has a feature called marathon mode, which provides autoplay functionality, and automatically continues to the next episode of the anime series without intervention from the user. 

While marathon mode doesn’t always work, it is also a possible cause for why the Funimation app can’t cast to your TV.

Reddit users report that disabling or enabling marathon mode solved their problem and helped them to cast to their TV without further technical difficulties. 

Here’s how you can access the marathon mode feature:

  • Go to the Settings menu of your Funimation app
  • Navigate to and select Marathon Mode
  • Disable marathon mode (if it’s already disabled, try enabling it)

After disabling or enabling marathon mode, try to cast to your TV. If it doesn’t work, try to restart the Funimation app to ensure that the changes you made to marathon mode will take effect. 

Check That You Connect To The Right Network

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Since technology works according to a step-by-step algorithm of code, a slight deviation can cause it to become finicky and unresponsive.  

If your cast button does not show up, check that you did not connect to one of your home wifi access points. The Funimation app will not cast if you are on mobile data or when you connect to a public Wifi network. 

Try Unplugging Your Chromecast Device

Sometimes unplugging your Chromecast can fix your casting woes if you have  Vizio TV, especially one with closed caption (CC).

Furthermore, casting wirelessly sometimes work while casting with a direct cable does not. 

Restart Your Mobile Phone And Your Chromecast

When technology doesn’t work, it usually means two things oppose one another. For instance, if you intend to paint a lion orange and yellow but get a bit of blue paint on the painting, the only way to correct it is to grab a new canvas.

With technology, grabbing a new canvas means you reset or restart the device. When Funimation refuses to cat to your TV, restart your Funimation app, TV, mobile phone, and Chromecast. 

Restarting or resetting a device can be a little hit-and-miss, so if it doesn’t work, it might be worth waiting a while or even until the next day.

A Reddit user reported that sometimes nothing seemed to work, but it eventually started working the next day again. 

Ensure Your Funimation App Is Updated

While most apps update automatically, we can disable the option without realizing it. When work or studies keep us busy, and we don’t watch for a few days, it’s normal to forget to run updates. 

So, check that your Funimation app and your TV and other hardware, for that matter, have the latest updates. 

Ensure you’re logged into your account; if you are, go ahead and relog. It’s not uncommon for an app to log you out after a software update because the company wants you to review and accept a new Terms of Service agreement. 

Avoid Rushing The App And Wait For It To Load

When you input a request for the Funimation app to play an anime episode, don’t input the same command multiple times. If the app is slow for whatever reason, and you flood it with inputs, it won’t be able to process all the inputs and crash.  

The same thing happens on a PC when you try to play a game, and it looks like it’s stuck loading; if you try clicking, Windows will display an error message the program has stopped responding, closing shortly afterward. 

With the Funimation app, the error is usually Unable to play video at this time – it is especially common with Chromecast. 

Don’t assume nothing will happen when you choose cast; wait without spamming the input. After you cast and choose an episode, the loading bar should appear. Wait a little longer, and the app should play the episode. 

If you notice the loading bar vanishes, then you should go ahead and try replaying the video. 


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When Funimation doesn’t want to cast to your TV, check that you’re logged in and that the app is updated. Don’t connect to a public network or use mobile data. Restart all your devices, including the Funimation app. Switch off the marathon mode of the app, and don’t spam it with too many inputs, or it will stop responding and crash.