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Alexa Blue Spinning Light (Why and How to Stop)

If Alexa’s light keeps on flashing blue and cyan, it could be one of a few factors. Normally, these lights will turn on for a few seconds while Alexa is booting up. 

But what if Alexa’s blue light keeps spinning? 

Generally, Alexa’s spinning blue light means that it’s powering up or processing a command. Sometimes, it may imply that it’s updating its firmware or simply didn’t understand the wake words. In addition, it’s possible that Alexa is temporarily stuck in pairing mode.

Blue spinning light isn’t usually problematic, but if it doesn’t go away, that’s another story. This how-to guide will teach you the basics of Alexa blue spinning light, why it happens, and how to stop it without breaking a sweat.

Alexa’s Blue Light SpinningStuck in pairing modeComplete the pairing process by activating your phone’s Bluetooth, launching the Alexa app, opening the Devices menu, selecting Echo & Alexa, tapping Bluetooth Devices, and adding a new device.
Updating firmwareWait for Alexa to finish updating the firmware. Check your phone to see if it’s connected. If not, pairing it will fix the issue. If it’s paired, a firmware update is in progress.
Loose cablesInspect all ports and tighten all connections. Use Amazon-certified cables for compatibility.
Misinterpreted voice commandCheck if Alexa’s Follow-Up mode is enabled. If so, customize the setting by opening the Alexa App, selecting Devices, clicking Echo & Alexa, accessing Device Settings, scrolling down to locate Follow-Up Mode, and toggling between on and off options.
Wireless connectivity issuesRestart your wireless router and turn off all Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Wait for 30 seconds before switching them back on. Allow Alexa to power on and reconnect to Wi-Fi, followed by all other devices. If the issue persists, contact Amazon Support for advanced troubleshooting.
Do Not Disturb mode activatedAccess the Alexa app, tap Devices, choose your device, and tap on the Do Not Disturb option to turn it on and off.
Echo could be deadIf all troubleshooting steps fail, consider returning your Echo device for a refund or replacement if it’s still under warranty. Alternatively, consider upgrading to a new Echo device.

Why Does Alexa Blue Light Keep Spinning?

If the blue light keeps spinning for at least 30 seconds, there’s a slight chance that your Alexa is facing a problem – commonly known as “The Blue ring of death.”

Since Alexa “communicates” with you through light, knowing how to interpret it is important. So, let’s take a look at the common causes of this.

  1. Stuck in Pairing Mode

During pairing mode, Alexa won’t respond to any wake words and will show a blue light spinning continuously. 

With this in mind, let Alexa complete the pairing process. Then, you can make the spinning blue light stop by following these steps: 

First, activate your phone’s Bluetooth, then launch the Alexa app. Next, open the Devices menu and select Echo & Alexa. Lastly, tap Bluetooth Devices, then add a new device to complete the pairing.

  1. Updating Firmware

While the update is in progress, Alexa will disregard you. Rude, yes! But don’t worry; once she’s done updating the firmware, she’ll be your humble virtual assistant again.

Alternatively, use your phone to see if the spinning light is caused by pairing or firmware. In short, if your phone isn’t connected, pairing it will fix the issue. Whereas, if your phone is paired, it means a firmware update is in the works.

  1. Loose Cables

Cables that aren’t properly connected can sometimes cause Alexa to show a spinning blue light. So, inspect all ports, including the power supply, and tighten all connections. Also, to ensure compatibility, only use Amazon-certified cables.

However, a reset is probably your next step if Alexa continues to illuminate blue light.

  1. Misinterpreted Voice Command

On rare occasions, Alexa will illuminate that strange blue light though you haven’t said any wake words. You may think your house is haunted, but it’s not. 

It’s just a dead giveaway that Alexa misinterpreted background noise for a command. She’ll also light up towards the noise source.

Moreover, Alexa’s Follow-Up mode is possibly enabled. With this activated, Alexa will process a command without the need for any wake phrases. 

You can customize this setting by opening the Alexa App and then selecting Devices. Next, click Echo & Alexa, then access Device Settings. Scroll down and locate Follow-Up Mode. Finally, toggle between the on and off options.

  1. Wireless Connectivity Issues

Alexa may fail to connect if there’s an issue with the Wi-Fi, hence, the blue spinning light. 

If you feel there’s a wireless connection problem, the following steps may do the trick for you.

Restart your wireless router and turn off all of your Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Then, wait for 30 seconds before switching back on. Allow Alexa to power on and reconnect to Wi-Fi, followed by all of your devices.

If the blue spinning light persists, it’s best to contact Amazon Support for advanced troubleshooting.

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  1. Do Not Disturb Mode Is Activated

Accidental activation of Do Not Disturb can trigger the Blue Ring of Death. Thus, Alexa won’t respond to any wake words. 

A little tweak on the DND settings will bring Alexa back to life. Start by accessing the Alexa app. Then, tap Devices and choose your device. Tap on the Do Not Disturb option to turn it on and off.

Remember that when giving commands while in DND mode, it’ll show a blue light and then be followed by a purple flicker. Yet, no response from Alexa at all.


Try a soft reset

To soft reset Alexa, simply unplug it and wait for at least 60 seconds then plug it back in again.

Echo Could Be Dead

If all else fails, Echo has reached the finish line. Lucky you, if it’s still pretty new, you can perhaps return it for a refund or replacement.

If not, there’s always a sale on Amazon for Echo devices. Maybe it’s time to upgrade!

Final Thoughts

Case closed! Indeed, The Blue Ring of Death is a serious issue that impacts many Alexa owners. 

Nevertheless, there’s no reason to panic, as most issues can be fixed without going to the repair center. 

In essence, correctly pairing your device, updating the firmware, and tweaking a few Alexa settings are some quick fix hacks to get around the problem.

If neither of these tips and tricks works, there’s a decent chance of more serious hardware issues. The best you can do is to seek assistance directly from Amazon.

Hopefully, you’re now confident enough to fix Alexa’s blue spinning light on your own after knowing the whys and how to stop it. 

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All the best!