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Can I use an iPad charger to charge the AirPods?

As an Apple user, I have often wondered if I can use an iPad charger to charge my AirPods. After scouring the internet and doing some research, I decided to put together this blog post to share with you my findings and solutions I discovered.

Key Takeaways
– Yes, you can use an iPad charger to charge AirPods.
– The wattage of the charger affects charging speed.
– You can charge AirPods and case simultaneously.
– It is safe to charge AirPods overnight.
– AirPods cannot be charged without the charging case.

Can I use an iPad charger to charge the AirPods case?

If your iPad came with a lightning cable, you can use it to charge the AirPods case. However, usbc cables won’t charge the case unless you can get a usbc to lightning adapter.

Being that there are several kinds of cords used for different devices, figuring out whether you can charge your AirPods’ charging case with one cord or another may be frustrating.

If you have an iPad, for example, you may think about using it to charge your AirPods case in lieu of the cord included with the AirPods.

The good news is that some iPads use Apple’s standard Lightning cord, so if your iPad has the same cord as your AirPods, you are golden. However, more recently, the iPad has moved further away from that standard.

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Can I use an iPad charger to charge the AirPods Pro case?

If your iPad came with a lightning cable, you can use it to charge the AirPods pro case. However, usbc cables won’t charge the case unless you can get a usbc to lightning adapter.

While AirPods and AirPods Pro have some differences, including with how their cases are designed, you should have no more of an issue getting an iPad charging cable to work with the AirPods Pro’s charging case.

In fact, it may be even easier, as the AirPods Pro come with a Lightning to USB charging adapter. So if your iPad charging cable is USB-C, you don’t have to buy anything in addition to it.

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Will an iPad charger charge the AirPods case faster?

The iPad’s charging cable will not charge the AirPods faster. What matters is the wattage of the charger you are using. In general, the higher the wattage, the faster the case will charge. However, it should be a charger made by Apple. Third-party chargers might damage the case.

This is a common question, and it makes sense. After all, the iPad is a much more powerful device than a charging case, and it has a greater power burden than the charging case (for obvious reasons).

However, that does not mean that the cable itself provides a faster charge than the one included with your AirPods if your iPad’s cord is a Lightning. However, as we discussed above, not all iPads use the same cord, and instead use USB-C.

Using the Lightning to USB-C charging adapter, you can use that cable to charge your AirPods’ charging case, with USB-C being better than Lightning cables at charging faster.

What can be used to charge the AirPods charging case?

By default, the best option to charge your charging case is a Lightning cable, included with your AirPods. They are far from the only kind of cord you can use, but it is the simplest way for you to get it charged.

Otherwise, another option at your disposal is to use a USB-C to lightning charging adapter that allows you to use a USB-C cord instead.

In addition to using cords to charge your case, you can also use a Qi Charger. The Qi Charger is a popular wireless charging pad, particularly for Apple devices like the iPhone and AirPods. You can place the case on the Qi Charger to charge it.

Can I charge AirPods at the same time as the charging case?

You can charge the AirPods at the same time as charging the case.

It’s no fun to have both your AirPods and charging case dead, especially if you are worried about whether you can charge both at the same time.

Luckily, this is a perfectly acceptable approach to take, and they will charge as normal. This means you don’t have to worry that you have to charge one and then the other.

Can I charge my AirPods and case overnight?

You can charge the AirPods overnight. The AirPods case is designed not to overcharge when it reaches 100%.

Paranoia about electronics is not abnormal, but often, it is just that — paranoia. Yes, your AirPods will be completely fine if you leave them to charge overnight.

Can AirPods be charged without the charging case?

Sometimes, you want to be able to leave the charging case behind, or maybe you even wound up losing it.

Looking online, you may have even found claims that there are alternative methods to charge your AirPods. One common claim is that you can use the pin charger from a Nokia device to charge it.

This is highly ill-advised; not only is it not actually possible to charge your AirPods this way, if you somehow made it possible, it would be potentially dangerous.


  • Can charge the AirPods case and AirPods Pro case.
  • Can charge both the AirPods and charging case at the same time.
  • Safe to charge your AirPods overnight.


  • Wattage of the charger is what matters for charging speed, not the type of cord.
  • Lightning to USB-C adapter required for USB-C cords.
  • Cannot charge AirPods without a charging case.