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Can my Samsung TV remote control a Vizio Soundbar?

As an owner of a Samsung TV and Vizio Soundbar, I was frustrated when I found out that my Samsung TV remote couldn’t control my Vizio Soundbar. After doing some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved this problem, as well as other solutions I discovered.

Your Samsung TV remote can control your Vizio Soundbar as long as your TV audio output is properly set up.
To set up your TV audio output, plug in your Vizio Soundbar and navigate to the TV settings.
If you are using a digital optical cable, press Source on the remote and hold the left direction to activate the Auto Power Link.
Potential reasons why your Samsung TV remote may not be controlling your Vizio Soundbar include damaged components, incompatibility, or outdated software.

Can my Samsung TV remote control a Vizio Soundbar?

Yes, your Vizio Soundbar can be controlled by your Samsung TV remote. Setting up your TV’s audio output allows you to control the soundbar’s volume with the Samsung TV remote.

Once the output is properly set up, you can choose the HDMI cable or digital optical cable as the output to the soundbar. Once set, you can use the remote for the TV and soundbar.

How to control a Vizio Soundbar using a Samsung TV remote

The simple steps for setting up and controlling your Vizio Soundbar are as follows:

Plug in the Vizio Soundbar

The first step is to plug your Vizio Soundbar into the HDMI or digital optical cable port at the back of the TV.

Access TV settings

Next, you want to navigate to Settings and choose Sound, then Sound Output. This option will bring up audio devices that are currently connected to your television.

Therefore, if the soundbar is the only option then this is the output device you must choose.

Once selected, the devices will pair, and you will be able to control the on/off, volume, and mute features from your Samsung TV remote.

Digital optical cable

The digital optical cable is a slightly different process. You still must connect the unit to the back of the TV but hit Source on the remote and choose D.IN mode. Then press and hold the left direction to activate the Auto Power Link.

The soundbar then turns on and off with the TV. The last step is to ensure the audio output option is selected on the television.

Why won’t my Samsung TV remote control my Vizio Soundbar?

There could be several reasons this isn’t working, including:

Damaged components

Depending on how often you’ve moved the TV, soundbar, or remote, or how old these items are, they could be damaged, thus not allowing for a connection to be made between the devices. 

If this is determined to be the case, you will likely need to replace the damaged component.


Some older TV models may not be compatible with modern soundbars and vice-versa. Ensuring the software is updated could help improve compatibility, but there is no guarantee.

Before purchasing any separately branded electronics, it’s always advisable to confirm compatibility between components.

Outdated software

If either your TV or soundbar’s software and firmware aren’t updated, then you may have compatibility issues between the two. 

Companies update software to improve the user experience and provide additional security or functional patches, so it’s important to remain updated.

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