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Do AirPods stay in the ear?

As an avid music listener, I’ve often wondered if AirPods stay in the ear while exercising or doing other activities. I’ve heard stories of them falling out, but I wanted to find out for sure. So, I did some research and testing to find out if AirPods really do stay in the ear and I’m here to share my findings with you.

In this blog post, I’ll explain why AirPods stay in the ear, how to make sure they stay in, and other solutions that you can use if they don’t stay in.

For most people, AirPods stay in the ears reasonably well. However, they can fall out easily when running or in situations when your head moves around a lot. AirPods Pro generally stay in the ears very well and stay in the ears better than regular AirPods because of the ear tips that AirPods Pro feature.

Key Takeaways and Tips:
Regular AirPods stay in the ears well when worn correctly.
AirPods Pro stay in the ears better than regular AirPods due to the ear tips.
Third-party accessories can be used to ensure a more secure fit.
Regular AirPods can fall out during activities that involve a lot of head movement.
If AirPod Pros don’t stay in well, it might be because the ear tips are too small or the wrong type.

Do AirPods stay in the ear?

Generally, regular AirPods stay in the ears reasonably well provided that you are wearing them correctly.

For the most part, AirPods do stay in while working out. If you go to most gyms, you will see many people there using regular AirPods, so it is unlikely that you will have a significant issue with using AirPods while working out.

However, if you are going to be running or jumping up and down a lot, it would be a lot more likely that your AirPods will fall out and many users have found that their AirPods have fallen out in these scenarios.

In this case, it would help to follow the tips bellow to get them to stay in or to use the AirPods pro instead.

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Do AirPods Pro stay in the ear?

AirPods Pro normally stay in the ears very securely. The main reason for this is that they feature an ear tip that the regular AirPods do not feature.

The ear tip goes into the ears which means that it is harder for the AirPods Pro to become loose and fall out.

AirPod Pros also tend to stay in well when working out and even when running.

If you find that your AirPod Pros do not have such a secure fit, the most likely reason would be that the ear tips are too small and you need to get some bigger ones.

This would have the added benefit of improving the noise canceling.

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Do AirPods stay in the ear while running?

Regular AirPods can often fall out while running.

This is because they do not insert far enough into the ears to get a very secure fit. When running they can slowly loosen and then fall out.

If you are going to be running with them a lot, I would really recommend that you consider the AirPod Pros because they have a much more secure fit which works better for running.

Do AirPods stay in the ear while working out?

If you go to any gym, you will see people wearing both regular AirPods and AirPod Pros, so you do not really need to worry about your AirPods falling out while working out.

I personally use AirPod Pros at the gym and I have found them to work very well for it and they have not been falling out at all.

How to ensure AirPods stay in the ear

Below are things you can do to ensure that your AirPods stay in your ears securely.

Regular AirPods

You Can Get An Ear Hook

You can get an ear hook designed to fit the regular AirPods that fits onto your AirPods and goes around your ears.

These ear hooks will not only help you to keep your AirPods in place, but they will also make sure that the fit of your AirPods is comfortable.

Various brands sell these ear hooks, and they all come in different colors.

Get silicon covers

There are silicon covers that you can get for the regular AirPods that will increase the amount of friction that they have with your ears. This will help to prevent your AirPods from sliding out.

AirPods pro

Get a bigger eartip

If you find that your AirPod pros are falling out, the most likely cause is that the ear tip you are using is not big enough. In this case, the first thing to try would be to get a bigger ear tip.

Try a different type of ear tip

Another option would be to try a different type of ear tip. If you are currently using silicon ear tips, you could try using memory foam tips instead.

The advantage that memory foam tips have is that they expand when you place them in your ear. This can help to give a more secure fit.

Ear hooks

It is also possible to get earhooks that you can use with the AirPod pros which will give you a more secure fit.