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How to Mute With the Apple TV Remote

Have you ever been busy watching a movie and wondered what that sound coming from the kitchen was? Or do you prefer answering your phone without distracting noises in the background? It could simply be those high-pitched commercials getting on your nerves.

Whatever your reason, your best line of defense is to grab the remote control and mute your TV. Yet, how do you do that if your Apple TV remote doesn’t come with a Mute button?

Luckily, there are a couple of ways around this problem. So, keep reading to find out how to mute with the Apple TV remote.

How to Mute With the Apple TV Remote

There are currently two versions of the Siri remote or Apple TV remote. So, you may either have a first-generation or a second-generation Siri remote.

If yours is first gen, muting your TV may be a little tricky because this remote lacks a mute button. In this case, you have two options to mute the TV.

For the first method, you can press the ‘Volume Down’ button until it reaches zero. If you had the volume turned up high, it’ll take a few seconds for the TV to go completely silent.

As for the second method, you can make use of the ‘Play/Pause’ button. In just one click, your show will be paused, muting the sound in the process.

On the other hand, if your Apple TV remote is second generation, you’re in luck. This new version comes with a ‘Mute’ button, which means all you have to do is simply press ‘Mute.’

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What’s the Difference Between a Siri Remote and an Apple TV Remote?

About 20 years ago, the first Apple TV was released. Each TV came with its own Apple remote. Unfortunately, this first version wasn’t programmed for voice input.

Then, 10 years later, the first Siri remote came out in two different versions, as we mentioned above. Similar to its predecessor, there’s a Siri remote with every new Apple TV you buy.

Depending on where you live, this remote can either be a Siri remote or an Apple TV remote. Nevertheless, the two names refer to basically the same thing.

The major difference is that most Apple remotes aren’t programmed for voice input. On the other hand, in certain countries where Siri is supported, the remote has the added feature of using your voice to search for the movies or shows you want to watch.

In contrast, if your country and language aren’t on the list, you can enjoy all the other features of the Apple TV remote, except for the Siri voice-input feature.

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Main Features of The Apple TV Remote

One of the best things about the Apple TV remote is its sleek design and minimalistic appearance. With the press of just a few buttons, you can control everything on your TV.

Here’s a brief rundown of every button and its function:

Power Button

This button is found only in the second generation of the Siri remote. It’s used to power your TV on and off.

Click Pad

This is the most dynamic of all the buttons and is also found on 2nd gen Siri remotes. It allows the user to forward and rewind, change playback speed, and scroll through lists.

Siri Button

This is the ever-famous voice-input button that differentiates Siri remotes from their old Apple predecessor. To use your voice to select your shows, just press this button and make your request.

Back Button

Similar to the ‘Power’ button, the ‘Back’ button is only found on the latest 2nd gen Siri remote. To use this feature, give the button a short tap to return to the previous screen. If you want to return to the Home screen, give it a longer tap.

TV/Control Center Button

Just like the Siri button, the TV/Control Center button is only accessible to people living in countries that support the Apple TV app. Give the button a short press to open the app and a long press to open the Control Center.

Play/Pause button

This button is on all Apple TV remotes except for the first units made back in 2005. It’s pretty straightforward; simply use it to start and pause the video you’re watching.

Mute Button

The mute button is a new detail that was added only in the latest Siri remote. It was added after Apple TV users complained that muting their TVs was a complicated process. Hence, the Mute button was born.

Volume Up/Down

This button is long, with (+) and  (-) symbols on both ends for increasing and decreasing the volume. It’s found in both versions of the Siri remote.

Touch Surface

Similar to the ‘Click Pad’ in the 2nd gen Siri remote, the 1st gen has a ‘Touch Surface.’ It can be tapped or swiped around to control your media content.

Menu Button

This is a multi-purpose button found on 1st gen Siri and old Apple TV remotes. You can use it to turn on your Apple TV, go to the home page, or return to the previous screen.


In this article, we discussed how to mute with the Apple TV remote. If you have a first-generation remote, you can press the ‘Volume Down’ key or the ‘Play/Pause’ button. If your Apple TV remote is the second generation, you have the added luxury of simply pressing the ‘Mute’ button.