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How to Remove TV Plus from Samsung TV

As an owner of a Samsung TV, I know the frustration of seeing the TV Plus app taking up valuable screen space and cluttering up the main menu. After some research and testing, I’m here to share how I solved this problem and some other solutions I discovered. In this blog post, I’ll explain how to remove TV Plus from your Samsung TV.

There’s bad news, and there’s good news when it comes to removing TV Plus from a Samsung TV. You can disable Samsung TV Plus on your TV, but you can’t totally remove it. Read on to learn how to remove TV Plus from Samsung TV sets.

Samsung TV Plus cannot be fully removed, but it can be disabled or locked.
To disable TV Plus, press the Home button and navigate to the app before selecting the “remove” and “disable” options.
To manually delete the channels, navigate to Home, select the TV Plus app and click on the Channel List. Uncheck all of the boxes for the channels.
To lock the app, go to Home, select the Apps icon, find the Settings icon and select the TV Plus app. Scroll down and select Lock. Enter a pin code or use the default 0000.

How to Remove TV Plus from Samsung TV

First things first: Samsung TV Plus isn’t fully removable, and the best you can do is remove or disable some of the features that cause the program to act erratically.

The first option you may want to try is disabling the app.

The TV won’t automatically engage with the app when you disable it. You may find that it no longer interrupts you when you use other apps, watch broadcast television, play video games, or use DVD or Blu-ray consoles.

Disabling the Samsung TV Plus App

All you need to do to disable Samsung TV Plus is your remote. Here are the steps to disable Samsung TV Plus.

1. Press the Home button (it’s the button that has an icon that looks like a house).
2. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the TV Plus app.
3. Press the down arrow button on the remote.
4. Choose the word “remove” from the set of options.
5. Select “disable.”

In most cases, this should prevent the Samsung TV Plus app from running on its own or coming on as the first thing a user might see on the television upon using the power key.

Sometimes, the first screen visible on the TV is blank with the phrase “No Signal” in the middle of it. This issue isn’t necessarily a problem, but it does have a solution.

Another Way to Disable Samsung TV Plus

In rare cases, disabling the app might not work. When you’re unable to disable TV Plus, another option is to delete every channel on the app manually.

By doing so, the app can’t turn on automatically and show you whatever channel it wants.

Here are the steps to manually delete the channels on your app.

1. Navigate to Home using the remote.
2. Select the TV Plus app by using the arrow keys.
3. Click on TV Plus to bring the app up on the screen.
4. Click on Channel List, which should be listed beside the Guide.
5. Select the option to Edit Channels.
6. Uncheck all the boxes for all of the channels.

Tip: The app may offer a checkbox for “All Channels/Samsung TV Plus.” If you click that box, you’ll select all of the channels with a single click.

One thing to know about deleting all the channels is that the TV Plus app may update on its own when you’re connected to the internet.

Occasionally, the app might download information for new channels during these updates. You may need to remove channels again in the future.

Try Locking the TV Plus App

In cases where the app continues to activate or reappear, you may need to take things a step further and lock the app.

This is a feature generally used to restrict content when children live in the house. Here’s how to lock the TV Plus app, which may prevent it from randomly reappearing.

1. Choose Home on the remote.
2. Navigate to the Apps icon and click it.
3. Find the Settings icon and click it.
4. Navigate until you can select the TV Plus app.
5. Scroll down the menu that appears and select Lock.
6. The TV will request a pin code. If you haven’t set one up, the TV defaults to 0000.

You’ll know the app has been locked successfully when you can see a tiny image of a lock on the upper righthand side of the TV Plus app icon. 

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