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How to Reset Apple Music Library?

As an Apple Music user, I have been frustrated with the inability to reset my music library. After much research and testing, I am here to share how I was able to reset my Apple Music library and some other solutions I discovered along the way. In this blog post, I will explain step-by-step how to reset your Apple Music library, so that you can get back to enjoying your favorite tunes!

Unfortunately, with the new IOS releases the “Reset Current iCloud Music Library” option is no longer available. To reset the library, users will need to delete their current profile and create a new one. This allows the user to start fresh and wipe the previous library clean.

Steps to Reset Apple Music Library
1. Open Apple Music app on iPhone or iPad
2. Tap on “Edit Profile” in the top-left corner
3. Scroll down and select “Delete Profile”
4. Confirm deletion by tapping “Delete”
5. Open Apple Music app on MacBook
6. Click on the profile icon in the top-left corner
7. Click on “Edit Profile”
8. Scroll down and select “Delete Profile”
9. Confirm deletion by clicking “Delete”
10. Turn on Library Sync before deleting profile to recover old playlists
11. Restoring data is possible within 90 days after deleting profile

How to Reset Apple Music Library?

Apple Music is a music streaming service that lets you listen to over 90 million songs on-demand, access all your music in one place on all of your devices, and make use of features like offline listening. It also offers up recommendations tailored to your interests, internet radio, and lyrics view.

However, what if your music library is now packed with music you no longer listen to? Or songs that you don’t like anymore? Easy! You can reset your music library whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or Macbook.

How to Reset Apple Music Library on iPhone or iPad

If you’re using an iPhone or an iPad, here are the steps you should follow:

Step One: Log Into Your Profile

First, open the Apple Music app and look at the top of the screen for an icon with your picture or a silhouette instead of the profile image. 

After you’ve located the icon, give it a tap. If you aren’t logged in, the app will ask you for the credentials. Type in your username and password and then tap on the “View Profile” under your name. 

Step Two: Choose to Edit Your Profile

Now that you’re looking at your profile; click on the three dots in the top right corner. Then, you’ll notice it showed you two options: “Share Profile” or “Edit Profile.” 

Tap on the Edit Profile option and then scroll down. Once you’ve reached the end, you’ll see an option that says “Delete Profile.”

Last Step: Pick Delete Profile

This is the last step to reset your music library. You should know, that it’s an irreversible step. Once you pick “Delete Profile”, all your previous songs, preferred music genres, and your old data will be gone.

How to Reset Apple Music Library on MacBook

Resetting your Apple Music library on a MacBook is slightly similar to the phone. Just follow these steps:

Step One: Open the Application

Boot up your Mac and then open the Apple Music App. Once it’s done loading, click on “Listen Now” in the sidebar on the left.

After that, you’ll see your picture, or the silhouette profile picture, in the far-right corner of the screen. Click on it and enter your credentials if it’s required of you.

Step Two: Select Edit Profile

After you’re logged in, you’ll see two menus in front of you; similar to the phone. One menu says Edit, and the other menu has three dots.

Click on the three-dot menu and choose Edit Profile.

Last Step: Click Delete Profile

Once inside, you’ll see your name first and your Apple username right beneath it. Below both of them is an option in bright red that says “ Delete profile.”

When you delete a profile from Apple Music, you’ll be prompted with a message asking if you’re sure that you want to remove it. By clicking “Delete Profile”, all of your preferences will be lost, and no one will see your playlists anymore. 

Note: If you delete your profile, your data will still be there for 90 days in case you change your mind. Plus, it doesn’t affect your Apple music subscription. Moreover, to restore any favorite playlists, you may want to back up them just in case.

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How to Recover Your Favorite Playlists on Apple Music

Before making the big decision of resetting your Apple Library and deleting your profile, make sure you have the library sync turned on. Usually, this option is turned off for the Music Library. So, you’ll need to activate it yourself to recover any beloved playlist. 

 Let’s get started by activating Library Sync on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad:

  • Unlock your device 
  • Open settings from your app library
  • Scroll down and select Music
  • Toggle the switch next to “Library Sync” to activate it

Here’s how to activate Library Sync on your MacBook:

  • Open the Apple Music Application
  • Choose “Music” from the menu bar at the top of your screen
  • Select Preferences and head to the General tab
  • Select “Sync Library”
  • Click OK to turn to sync your music

Now that you have Library Sync turned on, you won’t have to worry about losing your favorite playlists. After setting up a new profile and getting used to the empty library, you can delete and replace any old, unnecessary backups.

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So, how to reset Apple Music Library? Unfortunately, you’ll have to delete your Apple Music profile. However, don’t worry if you want your old music back, you can still get them!

Apple allows you a period of 90 days before your data is completely gone. So, if your current music shuffle is bothering you, just start fresh!