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How to Turn off Powerbeats Pro

As an owner of Powerbeats Pro headphones, I know the frustration of trying to figure out how to turn them off! After much research and testing, I’m here to share with you how I solved the problem and some other solutions I discovered along the way. In this blog post, I’ll be walking you through the steps of how to turn off your Powerbeats Pro headphones.


  • Put your Powerbeats Pro back in the case to turn them off.
  • Press the power button on the left earbud for 1 second to turn them off.
  • Turning off Bluetooth on the paired device will put your Powerbeats Pro into sleep mode.
  • Powerbeats Pro can last up to 9 hours of music playing and 6 hours of talk time on a single charge.
  • Turning off Auto Play can save battery life.

How to Turn off Powerbeats Pro

There are several ways you can turn off your Powerbeats Pro when you’re not using them.

Put Them Back in the Case

This is a pretty straightforward option; just put them back inside the charging case and they’ll immediately turn off.

The case has small magnets that attract the terminals on both earbuds, directing them into place. These magnets act as both the contact needed to charge the earbuds, and as a control that tells the earbuds to turn off because they’re not in use.

However, the charging case for the Powerbeats Pro can be quite bulky and doesn’t usually fit inside a normal pocket. That’s why there are two more ways you can turn the earbuds off without putting them in the case.

Use the Power Button

Powerbeats Pro earbuds actually have a power button! Aside from the main control buttons on the sides of the earbuds (the ones with the b on them), there’s a power button on the upper side of the left earbud. This button also works as the volume rocker on that earbud.

To turn your Powerbeats Pro off, all you have to do is press the power button on your left earbud for one second. 

This seems to be a feature on the newer Powerbeats Pro models, since in the first launch of 2019, the volume rockers only function as such.

Turn Off BlueTooth Connection on Your Phone

Powerbeats earbuds are connected to your phone via Bluetooth. They have a built-in feature that makes them “search” for Bluetooth signals from nearby devices, and enables them to play music from any paired device.

Turning off the Bluetooth signal coming from your phone tells your Powerbeats Pro that there’s no nearby paired device. So, the earbuds go into sleep mode, which is similar to being turned off.

Here’s how you can turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Bluetooth
  • Toggle the slider next to “Bluetooth” so it turns gray

You can also just tap on the Bluetooth symbol in the quick access menu from the notification bar. It’s blue when it’s turned on and gray when it’s turned off.

How to Turn Off Auto Play on Powerbeats Pro

By default, Powerbeats Pro have a feature that enables them to detect when they’re placed inside your ears and they start looking for audio signals from your device. If you remove one earbud, playback pauses, if you remove both earbuds, playback stops completely.

This feature is called Auto Play and it has two pretty major downsides.

  1. It can drain the Powerbeats battery because the motion sensors require power.
  2. If the feature is on and your Powerbeats Pro aren’t in the same room, audio will start playing out of your iPhone’s speaker.

Turning this feature off can save your Powerbeats Pro some battery life so you can enjoy more of your music. To do that:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose Bluetooth
  • Go to the list of paired devices
  • Next to your Powerbeats Pro, you’ll find a small blue (i) icon, tap it.
  • Toggle the Automatic Ear Detection slider so it’s gray

Turning Off Powerbeats Pro and Battery Life

When you’re not using your Powerbeats Pro without turning them off, it only seems logical to expect the battery to last because the earbuds are not in use. 

However, some users report their Powerbeats Pro draining fast even when Bluetooth is turned off in as little as 23 hours. Is this normal?

How Long Are Powerbeats Pro Supposed to Last on a Single Charge?

When in use, the batteries in the Powerbeats Pro earbuds can last for over 9 hours of music playing and 6 hours of talk time. This is impressive considering how AirPods only last for half that time.

This is mostly thanks to the size of the Powerbeats Pro. Since they’re larger, they can take a larger battery. That said, they will drain if left outside their charging case for a long time.

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Learning how to turn off Powerbeats Pro can save their battery life and extend the use of the earbuds on a single charge. Just put them back inside their case, press the power button on the left earbud for one second, or turn off Bluetooth from the paired device.

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