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Why Can’t I Control the Volume with My Apple TV Remote?

The Apple TV is gradually becoming a standard entertainment device in most modern homes. However, one common issue among most users is its remote control’s technical issues after several uses.

You may find that the volume control button is unresponsive, making it difficult to toggle the volume. Here are several reasons you cannot control the volume with your Apple TV remote and approaches to resolve this issue.

You are unable to control the volume of your Apple TV remote because of the distance between the remote and your receiver. Note that the remote communicates with the TV via IR rays, making it essential to maintain a close distance to restore functionality. Another reason may be dead batteries, which you can solve by recharging or replacing them. You will also need to confirm if HDMI-CEC is enabled on your device and that your remote is volume-programmed.

Although the issue may limit your TV usage, you should know several rounds around this complication.

The Apple TV remote has fewer buttons and relies primarily on voice commands, allowing you to find multiple strategies to adjust your unit’s volume.

Our article explains why you cannot control the volume with your Apple TV remote and possible solutions.

Why Can’t I Control the Volume with My Apple TV Remote?

Out of Range

One of the common reasons your Apple TV remote may fail to control your device’s volume is because you are out of range.

IR connectivity limits you from moving around, and you have to maintain a specific radius to ensure functionality.

Removing any distractions between the Apple TV and your remote can also help strengthen the connection and regain volume control functionality.

It guarantees direct contact between the IR sensor on the TV and your remote, allowing communication between the two devices.

Dead Batteries

Another common reason for a non-functioning Apple TV remote is dead batteries. It would help to check your remote’s battery life before proceeding to other solutions involved.

If unsure of whether your battery is dead or not, charge it for at least thirty minutes and confirm if it is operating.

Here is how you can check your remote battery level:

  • Launch Settings on your Apple TV
  • Select remotes and devices, and you will see the remote’s battery level
  • Click remote for the exact battery percentage level

Dirt and Dust Particles

Your Apple TV remote can fail to control your device’s volume because of dirt and dust particles in its interior.

You need to ensure that you clean your remote and blow dust regularly to maintain the consistent functionality of the device.

Cleaning should be thorough on the remote, your TV, and other electrical appliances connected to your receiver.

The remote uses IR sensors to communicate volume commands, meaning dust and dirt particles can compromise their functioning.

You can use a smooth and dry piece of cloth to clean your receiver and Apple TV remote, then confirm if you can control the volume on your device.

Faulty Pairing

You may find it impossible to control the volume with your Apple TV remote if there is a faulty pairing between the devices.

You will need to re-pair your remote to your TV and confirm if you will have restored functionality. First unpair, then re-pair it to your TV.

How to Re-Pair Your Apple TV Remote

  • Press and hold the menu button and left button for around six seconds to unpair your Apple TV remote.
  • You will get a notification that the remote is unpaired
  • Press and hold the menu and right keys again to fix the remote for six seconds
  • You will get a successful pairing notification once the TV and remote pair

Not Programing the Apple TV Remote to Volume

You will need to program your Apple TV remote for volume configuration. It may not work automatically and may result in no sound from the TV in some scenarios. Here is how to program it manually:

  • Open your TV’s settings tab and select remotes and devices
  • Choose volume control on your Apple TV HD or Apple TV 4K
  • On the drop-down menu, select to learn a new device
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to set up and manage the volume on your Apple TV remote or Siri remote.

HDMI-CEC Disabled

Confirm if your receiver or TV supports HDMI-CEC before focusing on this strategy as a solution. You can contact the TV manufacturer or read through the instruction manual if you are unsure what to look for.

If available, you will need to enable it using your remote control. Enabling HDMI-CEC might help solve the volume control issue on your Apple TV remote.

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How to Control the Volume with Apple TV Remote

Your Apple TV remote is the primary device you can use to communicate commands to your TV. It significantly relies on voice commands through Siri with only a few buttons, like the volume and directional keys.

It is easy to control your TV’s volume using the Apple TV remote, provided you follow the necessary setup.

Note that your Apple TV remote uses infrared to communicate, ensure you maintain a close distance, and remove all distractions on its path.

You will need to connect your Apple TV to your TV set through an HDMI connection and ensure you pair the remote successfully.

The Apple TV should automatically detect the TV and remote and configure them to function accordingly. On your remote, you will find a volume button that you will use to control the volume on your TV.

Other Approaches to Controlling the Volume on Your Apple TV

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Use Your iPhone

An Apple TV 4k app is available for iOS11 devices or later that you can use as a remote for your Apple TV. The app can control your Apple TV, provided the two are connected to a shared WIFI network. Here is how you can transform your iPhone into an Apple TV remote:

  • On your iPhone, open the Apple TV remote app
  • Finish setting up the app
  • Keep the remote app open when switching on your TV
  • Your iPhone should automatically search for available Apple TVs
  • Tap on your device’s name to start the setup
  • Enter the 4-digit code on your TV on the iPhone
  • Verify to establish a successful connection to the TV

Use Your Siri Remote

The Siri remote can also effectively control the volume of your Apple TV. You will need to set up the Siri remote on your Apple TV receiver.

The installation process is not complicated since both devices automatically detect each other. However, note that your remote can only manipulate one device at a time.

Use the Home Cinema Route

The home cinema route can also guarantee a successful connection and manipulation. Using this approach involves controlling your Apple TV with a universal remote that connects to your receiver through a common network.

You will need to add your Apple TV to the home app and ensure it is assigned a room. Also, add the remote to the home app. You can then use it to control your TV and other devices in the Home app.

Being unable to control the volume with your Apple TV remote is common among Apple TV users. However, there are numerous approaches to work around this complication.

This article explains the reasons that lead to this issue and how to resolve it and restore normal functioning.