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Why won’t my Samsung TV connect to Eero?

Eero is a wireless router designed to cover your entire home and all of your devices. Consequently, it can be especially frustrating to purchase and set up this device only to find that your Samsung TV won’t connect to it. The good news is that there are several ways to potentially solve this problem.

There’s no single explanation for the inability of a Samsung TV to connect to an Eero network. This often happens because the equipment isn’t set up correctly. However, it’s also possible that there’s an internet outage, your TV is outside of the wi-fi range or a hardware failure has occurred.

If you need help finding the source of this problem, read on. You’ll also learn about steps you can take to solve it. This guide explains how to connect a Samsung television to Eero for the first time as well.

Why won’t my Samsung TV connect to Eero?

You’ll need to do some troubleshooting to answer this question. See if another device on the same network successfully connects to the internet, and try accessing a different network or mobile hotspot on the television. These tests may reveal if it’s a TV or Eero problem.

Check “Network settings” under “Network” and “General” in the TV’s “Settings” menu to see if your TV detects the Eero.

Keep in mind that it won’t appear on the list if you’ve set up the router as a hidden network. You’ll need to manually enter the Eero’s network name.

Like many technical issues, this problem may be solved by restarting equipment. Try unplugging the router, TV and any related devices.

Plug them back into their outlets and let them start up one at a time. Reconnect the television last.

There’s also a different type of reset that could help. You can find a “Reset network” function under “Network” in “General” settings on the TV’s menu.

After triggering this function, your television might be able to connect to the internet.

How to check network status on Samsung TV

Samsung’s status test feature can help you diagnose this problem. It’s located in the “Network” section of the “General” settings page.

After running this test, the TV may give you a more specific explanation like “incorrect password.”

If the television reports a failed MAC address, Samsung recommends resetting it to factory defaults. You’ll find this function under “Self diagnosis” in the “Support” settings menu. It requires the TV’s PIN.

How to disable 5GHz on Eero

Some Samsung models from 2018 don’t support 5GHz wireless networks. Among others, they include the NU7200 and NU730D.

Eero suggests temporarily turning off 5GHz access on the router while you set up 2.4GHz equipment.

To accomplish this, go to “Troubleshooting” under “Settings” on the Eero app. Pick “My device won’t connect” and select the option to temporarily disable 5GHz transmissions.

What is the range of Eero?

The manufacturer estimates that its router can cover a 1,500 square-foot area. Nonetheless, certain objects may block or interfere with reception.

Samsung recommends using a smartphone to find the strength of the wi-fi signal at your TV’s location. If it shows less than three bars, you’ll probably need to relocate the television or router.

Be aware that this range may reduce when you use many devices at the same time. Eero serves a maximum of 128 electronic devices, but signal strength may decrease if the number exceeds 30.

Don’t forget to count things like smart appliances and security systems.

How to connect Samsung TV to Eero?

To get started, navigate to network settings in “Network” under Samsung’s “General” settings menu. Enter or pick the Eero’s network name. Your TV may ask for the Eero password. Finally, choose “Done” and “OK.”

How to connect Samsung TV to wired internet

People often experience greater reliability when they use network cables rather than wi-fi. If you try this approach, consider putting your Eero next to the TV so that you don’t need to buy a long cable.

To set it up, run an ethernet cord from the TV set’s LAN/network socket to the router. Go to “Network” under “General” settings on the television’s menu. You should only have to hit “OK” to get connected.