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Can I make a custom wake word for Alexa?

Having a personal assistant like Alexa can feel somewhat impersonal when everybody else’s assistant has the same name.

While it doesn’t change how well she functions, changing the wake word for an Alexa is one way of making yours unique.

A customized name can also make it easier to have multiple Alexa devices within the same household.

Custom Wake Word for AlexaYou cannot create a custom wake word for Alexa. You can choose from predefined options: Alexa, Amazon, Computer, Echo, and Ziggy.
Changing Alexa Wake WordOpen the Alexa app on your mobile device, go to Settings > Device Settings, and select the wake word option from the available choices.
Potential Issues with Wake WordsBe cautious when selecting wake words like “Computer” or “Alexa,” as TV shows or commercials can unintentionally activate your Alexa device.
Custom Name for AlexaAlexa cannot be given a custom name. You can only choose from the provided options.
Custom Voice Commands for AlexaCreate custom voice commands using Alexa Routines. Open the Alexa app, go to Settings > More > Routines, and create a new routine with voice commands.

Can I make a custom wake word for Alexa?

No, you cannot make a custom wake for an Alexa virtual assistant. You can select from a limited number of predefined options: Alexa, Amazon, Computer, Echo, and Ziggy.

There is an upcoming Disney-based assistant that responds to “Hey, Disney!”, but it will cost money to use outside of a Disney resort.

How do I make custom Alexa wake words?

You cannot make a custom Alexa wake word, but you can pick from the available options by going into the Alexa app on a mobile device.

Once you’ve opened the app, look for the Settings menu. There, you should see the Device Settings submenu.

Within the submenu, you have the option to select from the predefined wake word options. Select the one that you wish to use.

Think twice if you’re considering changing Alexa’s name to “Computer”.

While you may amplify the science fiction feel of a digital assistant, the same shows that inspired the name choice will frequently activate your Alexa and give her commands if she can hear the audio.

The same problem can occur with other wake words, too. Commercials for an Alexa device or any show with a character named Alexa will evoke responses from the virtual assistant with annoying frequency.

You can turn off Alexa’s listening with a button on each Echo device, but it can be a hassle to do each time you turn on a show set in the digital era.

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Can you give Alexa a custom name?

No, you cannot provide a custom name that an Amazon Alexa digital assistant will recognize as its own. You can only select from the provided options.

Can I change Alexa’s name to anything I want?

No, you cannot change the name of your Alexa virtual assistant to anything you want.

You are provided with a list of options and that is all you can choose.

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Can I create custom voice commands for Alexa?

You can create customized voice commands via an Alexa Routine.

Start by opening the Settings menu in the Alexa app. It may display across the bottom of your app depending on the phone model and app settings.

Select the option to see ‘More’, and find the ‘Routines’ submenu. Hitting the Plus icon will start the process of creating a new Alexa routine.

If you want a few examples, Alexa includes a set of featured routines like a morning news brief or a good night serenade. They are a versatile way of getting more out of your Alexa device.

To setup a voice command, create a routine and add a ‘When this happens’ as a voice command option.

You’ll see all the other options in big icons and lettering, so it should be easy to find. Click the ‘Customized’ option to add in a word or phrase to activate the routine.

Once done, hit the ‘Next’ button to start adding actions. When you issue the voice command, she’ll go through the commands in order.