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Can you pair Alexa with Bose speakers?

Connecting Alexa to Bose speakers is a great way to improve the overall sound and quality of the music you love to listen to. While the speaker on Alexa isn’t horrible, it doesn’t compare to what Bose can provide.

After all, Bose has revolutionized home audio with its wide array of high-quality speakers and headphones. But how can you pair Alexa with Bose speakers?

To pair Alexa with Bose speakers, you will need to first enable the Bose skill app in Alexa, and then pair the device through Bluetooth. You will also need to open the Bose music app and enable Voice Assistance. The entire process is rather simple and will take only a few minutes to complete. 

Despite its simple and straight forward pairing process, it is not uncommon to run into an issue when trying to connect the two devices together.

If you’re unsure as to how to pair Alexa with Bose speakers, keep on reading for step-by-step instructions on how to complete the task. 

Can you pair Alexa with Bose speakers?

Alexa can be paired with Bose speakers as long as the speaker is compatible. All compatible smart speakers will show up in the Alexa app.

If your Bose speaker doesn’t appear, it may not be compatible. Refer to the speaker’s owners manual to determine its compatibility.

How can I use Alexa with Bose speakers?

Alexa has a slew of voice commands that you probably use daily to make your life less stressful. 

While your Bose speaker won’t have the ability to utilize all of Alexa’s voice commands, there are more than enough crossover between the two to make pairing them worth wild.

The major functions you can control through the smart speaker are music playback, setting alarms and timers, remote control for your television, and information requests.

How to pair Alexa with Bose speakers?

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Pairing the Alexa device with your Bose smart speaker does require both devices connecting to the same network.

Once this has been done, click on the Bluetooth button on the Bose speaker, enable the Bose Skill in your Alexa app, pair the two devices through Bluetooth, and then select Alexa in the Bose music app under the Voice Assistance option.

Step-by-step instructions to connect Alexa with Bose speakers through Alexa app

  1. Ensure your wireless internet connection is up and running.
  2. Turn on the Bose speaker and then press the Bluetooth button. This lets the speaker appear on the wireless networks.
  3. Open your Alexa app and enable Bose Skill.
  4. Click on Pair New Device in the Alexa app.
  5. Locate the Bose speaker and then click on it.

The two devices are now paired through the Alexa app, and you will need to enable voice control on the Bose music app to complete the process. 

How to enable voice control on the Bose app

  1. Open the Bose Music app and then click on My Bose located in the top left corner.
  2. Click on the Bose product you want to add to Alexa.
  3. Find the product image located near the bottom right corner and click on it.
  4. Click on Settings > Voice Assistant.
  5. Locate the device you want to use, such as Alexa, and click on it.
  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to link Bose with your Amazon account.

You can now use Alexa with your Bose speakers. For example, if you want to listen to 70s rock, simply say “Alexa play 70s rock.”

Alexa will then start to play the music through the Bose speakers. You can also say “Alexa, skip song” to skip to the next song, or “Alexa, set volume to 50” to adjust the speaker’s volume. 

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Why won’t Alexa pair with my Bose speaker?

The most common cause of an Alexa not pairing with the Bose speaker is compatibility. 

As of Spring 2022, Alexa was only compatible with the following Bose products: Headphones 700, Smart Speaker 500, QC35 II (as well as the QC35 II Gaming Headset), Home Speaker 300, Smart Soundbar 700, Portable Smart Speaker, Soundbar 500, and Smart Soundbar300.

If your Bose speaker is compatible but still won’t pair with Alexa, try deleting the Bose Skill from your Alexa app and then reinstalling it.

Once the skill is installed, begin the pairing process once again and successfully connect the two devices.