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How to Sync Dish Remote with Samsung TV

So you have made the move to sign-ups or the Dish service, or you have made the purchase of a new Samsung TV. In either scenario, you likely have a new Dish remote that you want to program to your Samsung TV.

The Dish remote is a handy device in that it has the capabilities to program virtually anything. You can sync it with a Samsung TV, a Blu-ray player, an audio system, or anything else.

What do you do to start this syncing process? How do you sync a Dish remote with a Samsung TV?
How to Sync a Dish Remote with Samsung TV?

The easiest way to sync a Dish remote with a Samsung TV is to use the features the remote control offers. You have the ability to use the Dish remote, access the menu of it, and program it to work with your Samsung TV with just a few clicks.  

How to sync Dish remote with Samsung TV

Determine the Model

What is the model number of your Dish remote? There are a few different types of Dish remotes in the wild. You may have version 40.0, 50.0, 52.0, or 54.0.

By the time you read this, Dish may have a new remote control out as well. No matter the type of Dish remote you have, you absolutely can sync it with your Samsung TV.

Programming With Version 40.0

Assuming you have the 40.0 version of the Dish remote, you need to start by bringing up the on-screen menu of the Dish receiver.

You do this by pressing down on the “Menu” button twice. This will bring up the menu. Once you are there, you can go into the settings to program with the Samsung TV.

Using Version 50.0, 52.0 or 54.0

The next step is to think about the newer Dish remotes out there. These remotes will have a “Home” button on them. When you press this twice, it will also bring up the settings screen.  

What to Do After the Settings Screen

Now that you are on the settings screen for the Dish receiver, you need to go to the Remote Control section. When you get there, you can select Devices and you then want to designate what you would like to program.

Since we want this to work with a Samsung TV you would want to select a TV from the list. You will then be able to use the TV Pairing Wizard to pair the Dish remote with your Samsung TV.  

You will see Samsung in the Brand listing by going to the S-T option in the menu. When you get to Samsung you can choose them and go through the process to sync the Dish remote with the Samsung TV.

Why Won’t My Dish Remote Sync With Samsung TV?

The most likely reason your Dish remote is not working with the Samsung TV is you have not hit the correct pairing code yet.

The Dish receivers will have the ability to automatically pair with the Samsung TV. As you go through the pairing process, though, it may not hit the right pairing code immediately.

You may need to choose Next or Volume Up to scroll through the different codes. The Try Next Code button may also be on-screen to continue the scrolling process.

You want to do this until you are at the point where the Dish remote can work on the Samsung TV without a problem.  

The key to remember here is that until the pairing is done, the remote is not going to work. You need to be sure you are patient and work through the process of trying to get the right pairing code to link the Dish remote to the Samsung TV.

Can I Sync a Dish Remote to Samsung TV Without a Remote?

You will need the Dish remote to connect it to a Samsung TV. The Dish remote will be necessary to pull up the on-screen menu of the Dish receiver.

When you have that on-screen menu up it is then you can begin the process of making the pairing connection.

You must have the Dish remote to make the connection as it is critical to being able to validate everything is working as you expect.

Without the Dish remote, you would never be able to navigate to the settings to pair the remote to the Samsung TV.

On top of that, you also would not be able to verify that the pairing of the Dish remote to the Samsung TV was done correctly. To sync the Dish remote to the Samsung TV you need the remote.