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Is A 55-Inch TV Too Big?

When it comes down to purchasing a television, you must select the right size for the best viewing experience. Due to an increasing number of options for buyers to choose from, picking the right size can feel challenging – especially with all the other factors you must keep in mind. If you’ve found yourself debating whether a 55-inch TV is too big, this is what you should know!

55-inch TVs are widely considered the “Goldilocks” of TV sizes because they are perfectly suited to various room types and sizes. Based on the average TV size in America, 55-inches is considered an above-average TV size. These models offer an ideal balance of features and value for money.

Once we’ve explained why many buyers consider 55-inch TVs the perfect size, we’ll help you decide whether it’s the right size for your needs. We’ll consider viewing distance, placement, features, resolution, and price to do this. We’ll also look at whether bigger is always better when it comes to buying a television! 

Is a 55-Inch TV Too Big? 

Twenty-five years ago, the average TV size in the United States was 22-inches. Today, standard computer monitors range between 21 and 24-inches. The size of TVs has drastically changed over the last two decades. The average size of a TV in the US was 49-inches as of 2020. 

Based on these statistics, it’s clear that 55-inches is a slightly above-average TV size. While a 55-inch TV would be considered average by today’s standards, it used to be considered a huge screen size to have. Despite sales being increasingly dominated by TVs that are 65-inches and up, 55-inch TVs have managed to maintain their appeal to buyers.

There are many reasons why 55-inch TVs are widely considered the gold standard for TV sizes. Like larger counterparts, 55-inch TVs are perfectly suited to various room types and sizes. Furthermore, this TV size offers the ideal balance between specs/features and value for money. 

While your choice of TV size will ultimately depend on your personal preference, there are many factors to consider when deciding whether 55-inches is the right size for your entertainment needs. In the following section, we’ll help you make your decision by breaking down all the factors to consider when deciding if a 55-inch TV is too big for you. 

Deciding Whether A 55-Inch TV Is Right For Your Needs? 

When deciding whether a 55-inch TV is an appropriate size for your needs, there are many factors to keep in mind, namely viewing distance, placement, features, resolution, and price.

When considering these aspects, you may find that 55-inches is the perfect size for your needs. However, you may also decide that a smaller or larger TV is better suited to your needs! 

Consider TV Viewing Distance 

Viewing distance is an important deciding factor when choosing a TV size. After all, you don’t want to sit too close to your TV and cause eye strain. Buyers can use a simple equation to calculate the ideal TV size based on viewing distance; simply divide the available viewing distance (measured in inches) in half. 

The resulting size is your recommended TV size (in inches) based on the viewing distance. According to this widely used formula, 55-inch TVs are best suited to spaces with a viewing distance of approximately 110-inches, which is equal to 9.17 feet. This viewing distance can be reduced with Ultra HD and 4K TV models. 

Consider TV Placement 

When purchasing a TV, placement is an important consideration; will you mount your TV or simply use the included stand?

Regardless of whether you use a TV stand or mount, you’ll be able to place your TV in a variety of room sizes and types. This is one of the reasons 55-inches is considered the “Goldilocks” of TV sizes; it’s just right. 

Consider TV Resolution 

When purchasing a new TV, it’s important to consider the TV’s resolution. A vast majority of 55-inch TVs have 4K resolutions. While 8K models have the highest possible TV resolution, 4K is ideal for today’s media quality. However, there will also be some cheaper 1080p HD and 2K models to choose from. 

Consider TV Features 

While you’ll be able to purchase a non-smart 55-inch TV, many fantastic 55-inch smart TVs are available on the market. When you factor in cost, which we’ll discuss next, it’s clear that 55-inch models offer the best balance of features and price. There are many stellar 55-inch TVs with features equivalent to those found on larger counterparts. 

Consider TV Price 

The larger a TV is, the higher the price will be. When you compare 55-inch TVs to larger models, it’s evident that 55-inch TVs are more affordable while still offering fantastic resolutions and many advanced technologic features.

Both top brands like Samsung and smaller brands like Hisense have excellent 55-inch models to choose from. Due to this, you’ll easily be able to find a 55-inch model that suits your entertainment needs and budget! 

Is Bigger Always Better With Television Size? 

Now that we’ve outlined the various aspects to keep in mind when deciding whether a 55-inch TV is an appropriate size for you, there’s one lingering question to address: are bigger sizes better? After all, consumer research has shown buyers have remained satisfied long after purchasing a larger television. 

That doesn’t mean you should immediately go ahead and purchase the largest TV your budget allows – you should still consider the factors we discussed earlier, including viewing size, placement, features, and resolution. After all, many 55-inch TVs are just as advanced and high-quality as their larger counterparts. 

As we discussed earlier, 55-inches is still considered above average based on the average size of TVs in the United States. These 55-inch models offer the perfect balance of features and value. Due to the versatility of 55-inch models, you always have the option of moving your 55-inch TV to another room if you decide to upgrade to a larger TV size in the future.


You can’t go wrong with a 55-inch TV! Based on the average TV size in the United States, 55-inches is considered an above-average size. While larger models are certainly available, 55-inch models offer the most versatility. Not only can these TVs be used in a wide variety of room types and sizes, but they offer a fantastic blend of value and features.