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Why does my Alexa app say no internet connection?

Alexa’s app is of little use without the internet. It can be frustrating when this software claims to have no connection and you believe your internet access is working correctly. Luckily, there are steps you can take to address this issue.

There are several possible reasons, such as router problems, Amazon server downtime, incorrect settings or a genuine internet outage. You may need to test different devices to identify the cause. The problem could go away on its own, but you’ll have to take action if your equipment is responsible.

Continue reading to learn how to determine why your app won’t connect to the internet. You’ll also discover potential ways to solve this problem and find out who to contact when you can’t fix it on your own.

Why does my Alexa app say no internet connection?

Your internet service provider or equipment could be causing the problem. Try visiting websites on a different device that uses the same type of connection.

If it works properly, the original device or Amazon is probably responsible for the lack of connectivity.

The device could be unable to receive a wireless internet signal because of its location.

Your wi-fi router might be too distant, other electronics may be creating interference or a major obstruction could be blocking it (like a concrete wall).

Another possibility is that you’ve entered the wrong wi-fi router password on the device that can’t connect.

A similar explanation involves someone changing the network password on the router without updating it on every internet device.

Troubleshooting the Windows app

If you’re using the app on a Windows computer, your security software could be preventing Alexa from communicating with Amazon servers.

You might solve the problem by adding the application to your security program’s list of exceptions.

Another possible solution involves closing Alexa in Task Manager and restarting your computer.

You can accomplish this by pressing CTRL-ALT-DELETE, clicking “Start Task Manager”, finding Alexa under “Processes” and clicking “End Process.”

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How do I get my Alexa app back online?

You can try relocating your device, checking wired connections and resetting various equipment.

If you’re unable to access the internet on any device, press your router’s reset button or unplug its power cord. Plug it into the outlet and wait a few minutes to see if this fixes the problem.

You may also benefit from unplugging and restarting any other equipment involved in providing internet access.

For example, you might have a modem that’s separate from your router. Another potential remedy is to restart the smartphone, tablet or other device that runs the app. The exact steps vary from one model to the next.

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How to restart an iPhone

If you use Alexa on an iPhone, try restarting the phone. Hold down the side button and let go when a slider becomes visible on the screen.

Use the top button instead if you have an iPhone 5, first-generation SE or older model.

Next, shift the slider to the off position. The smartphone may take up to a half-minute to shut down. You can reactivate it by holding down the same button that you used to switch it off.

If all else fails

When none of these solutions yield desirable results, you may need to seek assistance. Call your internet service provider if you can’t get online with any device.

Otherwise, consider contacting the equipment manufacturer or Amazon. It’s possible that your router, modem, network cable, computer or mobile device needs repair.