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Why Won’t the HDMI Cable Fit on My Samsung TV?

So, you brought home your new Samsung TV and it’s time to watch your favorite shows, but the HDMI cable doesn’t seem to fit. What should you do to fix an HDMI cable that won’t fit a Samsung TV?

Your HDMI cable won’t fit your Samsung TV because either the HDMI port or the cable is damaged. You could also be using the wrong type of HDMI like HDMI mini or HDMI micro. You can get your cables to fit by checking to see if anything is bent out of shape and making sure you have the right type of HDMI cable for your TV. 

Here’s why some people have had trouble getting their Samsung TV’s HDMI port to fit. 

Why Won’t the HDMI Cable Fit on My Samsung TV?

Your HDMI cable won’t fit your Samsung TV because the HDMI port, or the cable, has been bent. This is the most common reason for these types of cables not fitting. You also might have the wrong type of HDMI cable for your port. 

Most Samsung TVs use Standard HDMI cables. This is the most common type of HDMI cable on the market. Standard cables can be rated for HD, 4k, and 8k content. 

The bends and damage to HDMI cables and ports can be hard to notice. There are tiny pins inside HDMI cables that can be bent out of shape which can make the fit not work. 

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Recognize My HDMI Cable?

Your Samsung TV might not recognize an HDMI cable because the cable is damaged, the HDMI port is damaged, or there is a glitch in your TV. You can typically fix this problem by adjusting your HDMI cable and resetting your TV. 

There is also a chance that your HDMI cable is too worn out to work any more. This happens when the wiring inside an HDMI cable is damaged, but the cable appears to look fine from the outside. 

Cost to Replace HDMI Port Samsung TV

The cost to replace an HDMI port on a Samsung TV will be between $50 and $450. Samsung does not offer these repairs themselves, so you will need to find a third-party repair shop.

You can try a DIY repair with basic soldering skills and the HDMI port itself will typically cost less than ten dollars. 

What Kind of HDMI Cable Do I Need for Samsung Smart TV?

Samsung Smart TVs can use most standard HDMI cables. However, if you want to use their HDMI ARC feature, you need a High Speed Certified HDMI cable that will be HDMI 1.4 or newer. 

Samsung Smart TVs feature HDMI ARC, or HDMI Audio Return Channel. This allows you to run an audio signal directly from your Samsung TV to a sound system. This requires HDMI 1.4 or newer cables. 

How Can I Connect HDMI Cable to Samsung TV?

You can connect an HDMI cable to your Samsung TV by plugging the cable into the back of the TV and then into the device you wish to connect with HDMI.

Always remember to insert the cable straight in and pull it straight out. This reduces the chance of damaging your cables.